Case Studies

Panel Surveys Key To Understanding Emerging Market

Posted by TrendSource on March 27, 2018

Background and Client Objectives

A non-surgical cosmetic laser brand came to TrendSource setting out to uncover how to better identify their target markets and better conform marketing campaigns to them. Who was most likely to be interested in purchasing the client's services, what opportunities for market expansion lay in untapped consumer pools, and ultimately what marketing campaigns, messaging, and product offerings could best target these groups?

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Topics: Market Research, Health Care, Panel Surveys

Field Agent Database Key to Assembling Competitive Intelligence Online Panel

Posted by TrendSource on December 04, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

An international telecommunications company began operating in a federally regulated market with relatively few competitors. Within this market, only certain individuals are eligible customers, and operators must follow strict guidelines for maintaining active customers or face severe penalties.

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Topics: Market Research, Telecommunications, Online Panels

Mobile Ethnographies Capture Real World Customer Journeys

Posted by TrendSource on October 31, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

Before reconsidering their in-store marketing materials, a global consumer electronics manufacturer required in-depth knowledge about how consumers interacted with these materials. Specifically, they wanted to understand how the displays, aesthetics, and information within in-store marketing materials influenced purchase decisions for people interested in their products. What caught the eye, what was helpful and informative, what was interesting and appealing, and most importantly, how could they use this information to influence customer decisions? They came to TrendSource with these questions in mind.

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Topics: Shopalong, Mobile Ethnographies\

Myth Busters: How Focus Groups Dispel Corporate Assumptions

Posted by TrendSource on August 08, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

A top global children’s game manufacturer and entertainment brand wanted to understand how young consumers actually played their game.  Particularly, they wanted to know if young consumers understood game rules, to what extent they followed them, and whether there were untapped opportunities in the distance between formal and actual gameplay.

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Topics: Retail, Shopalong, Manufacturing, Focus Groups

Online and Offline Mystery Shops Perfect Search Engine Algorithm

Posted by TrendSource on May 09, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

A top global search engine created a fintech service that used proprietary algorithms to pair would-be borrowers with lenders advertising on their platform.

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Topics: Mystery Shopping, Technology, Finance, Fintech

Integrating Customer Sentiment into Retail Email Best Practices

Posted by TrendSource on March 30, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

A regional retailer realized they lacked a viable email marketing strategy. While they had enrolled many customers into their email subscriber database, their digital outreach followed a “kitchen sink” approach: email frequency, content, and tone were inconsistent.

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Topics: Customer Behavior, Customer Experience, Grocery, Digital Technology

Medicare Provider Finds Corrective Action to Avoid AEP CMS Violations

Posted by Nick Bravo on February 07, 2017

Background and Client Goals

A licensed Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plan provider needed assistance monitoring their extended salesforce during CMS’s Annual Election Period (AEP).

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Topics: CMS, Health Care, CMS Compliance, AEP, Health Care Compliance

Improving the Patient Experience in Outpatient Surgery

Posted by TrendSource on January 26, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

An outpatient surgical center approached TrendSource to identify service gaps that were leading to uneven scheduling and a less than desirable patient scheduling experience

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Topics: Health Care, Healthcare Solutions, Mystery Shopping

Manufacturer Ensures Retailer Compliance Through Store Audits

Posted by TrendSource on December 01, 2016

Background & Client Objectives

Compliance audits can be the glue that holds together successful partnerships between manufacturers and retailers, ensuring both parties meet their obligations and act in good faith. One electronics manufacturer came to TrendSource Trusted Insight seeking to understand how their products were positioned and promoted within stores outside their typical channel, and more importantly if this manner was consistent with the agreements they had in place with these retail partners.

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Topics: Compliance, Compliance Audits

Digital Store Audit Program Gives Client On-The-Ground Intelligence

Posted by TrendSource on November 11, 2016

Background and Client Objectives

A national quick service restaurant chain wanted to ensure they were developing the right merchandising elements for their restaurants and were identifying cost-savings opportunities across their system. Of their thousands of locations, no two were identical. Different window sizes and counts, overall square footage, directional orientation, and table counts were just a few of the distinguishing factors at each location. With extensive franchise and corporate locations, and the common variables that distinguish each location from the next, the client needed a digital library of each of their restaurants to support decision making.

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Topics: Marketing Audits, Food Service, Retail

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