Manufacturer Ensures Retailer Compliance Through Store Audits

Posted by TrendSource on December 01, 2016

Background & Client Objectives

Compliance audits can be the glue that holds together successful partnerships between manufacturers and retailers, ensuring both parties meet their obligations and act in good faith. One electronics manufacturer came to TrendSource Trusted Insight seeking to understand how their products were positioned and promoted within stores outside their typical channel, and more importantly if this manner was consistent with the agreements they had in place with these retail partners.

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Topics: Compliance, Compliance Audits

Digital Store Audit Program Gives Client On-The-Ground Intelligence

Posted by TrendSource on November 11, 2016

Background and Client Objectives

A national quick service restaurant chain wanted to ensure they were developing the right merchandising elements for their restaurants and were identifying cost-savings opportunities across their system. Of their thousands of locations, no two were identical. Different window sizes and counts, overall square footage, directional orientation, and table counts were just a few of the distinguishing factors at each location. With extensive franchise and corporate locations, and the common variables that distinguish each location from the next, the client needed a digital library of each of their restaurants to support decision making.

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Topics: Marketing Audits, Food Service, Retail

Validating Investment: Using Customers to Drive Decisions

Posted by TrendSource on November 10, 2016

Background & Client Objectives

A national fast food chain was looking to implement a new design and needed to quickly validate the concept at pilot locations. Specifically, they wanted to understand how customers perceived the new design relative to traditional locations in order to determine if the new design was worth the investment required to implement it.

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Topics: Food Service, Restaurant, Customer Surveys

Manufacturer Finds Best Locations for Product Launch

Posted by TrendSource on September 23, 2016


Background and Client Objectives

A national manufacturer came to TrendSource Trusted Insight in anticipation of a new product rollout with a retail partner. Specifically, they wanted to determine which of this retail partner’s 1,800 national locations offered the best opportunity for a successful pilot launch. This meant they needed to understand which stores stood in areas heavily saturated with potential customers most likely to purchase this new product. Launching the product first in these specific locations would ensure its early success and popularity, making for a strong initial rollout.

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Topics: Research, Customer Surveys, CPG

Fast Casual Restaurant Chain Hones In On New Design

Posted by TrendSource on August 22, 2016

Background & Client Objectives

A fast casual restaurant developed new store formats and was looking to understand customers’ perceptions of a new location concept for their brand, as well as how customer perceptions change over time.

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Topics: Food Service, Restaurant, Fast Casual

Grocer Combats Market Share Loss of New Competitor Location

Posted by TrendSource on August 03, 2016

Background and Client Objectives

A national grocer was concerned about a competitor moving into one region. As the competitor’s first location was preparing to open, the client saw it as an opportunity to better understand how this new player would affect the competitive landscape at this one location, as well as in the entire region.  This competitor offered similar products at lower prices than the client, but the client was unclear if that alone would drive traffic away from their store.

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Topics: Market Research, Grocery

Battling Price Perceptions: Grocer Seeks to Understand Customers

Posted by TrendSource on July 28, 2016

Phase One: Client Objective

A Fortune 500 grocer came to TrendSource with a need to gain a better understanding of their customers and perceptions of their competition in a specific region. Specifically, the client hoped to determine customers’ perceptions of their prices, quality and service in comparison to their competitors. Key questions were identified:

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Topics: Customer Behavior, Grocery

Measuring Customer Preferences to Increase Satisfaction

Posted by TrendSource on May 31, 2016

Phase One

A University parking provider approached TrendSource to develop a solution to measure customer perceptions.  The goal was to develop a research program that would allow them to gain a deep understanding of their customers and make informed future decisions that would positively impact their customer satisfaction.    

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Topics: Customer Preferences

Uncovering Employee Behaviors That Drive Customer Loyalty

Posted by TrendSource on March 30, 2016

TrendSource understands that driving major initiatives, especially for large organizations, can take time and require endurance as well as a lot of hard work. Resources are always limited, so we view the primary objective of our research results as a way to ensure that we are optimizing those limited resources. This requires that our research is directed, well-designed and provides specific recommendations that can be acted on quickly.

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Topics: Customer Loyalty

Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Uses Mystery Shopping to Understand Customer Experience

Posted by Admin on December 07, 2015


A consumer electronics manufacturer came to TrendSource with a specific research question:  How could they better understand the increasing segmentation of their personal computer (PC) category and its impact on the in-store buying experience?

Based on a consultative approach, we identified that the client’s primary

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