Data Methodologies Mobile

Data can be captured regarding guest experiences as they interact with products, services and employees while interacting with our clients’ mobile app.

An overview of the categories of data includes:

Gaining intelligence in real time as the brand interaction is occurring is powerful, allowing for truly actionable insights that will drive service levels, customer experience, as well as revenue. TrendSource aAmplify is implemented via an API integration module that provides a plug-in to engage mobile users who are utilizing the clients’ mobile app.


Online and IVR

Data Methodologies Voice


Online feedback mechanisms makes it effortless for clients to leverage the power of guest feedback. The good, the bad and the willingness to promote (NPS) is of keen interest to all businesses. Adding a web address at the bottom of receipt tapes or client website provides an outlet for customer comments that is easily accessible.

Clients can expect the following:

  • Validation tool to ensure operations standards are aligned with guest expectations
  • Insight to determine if employees are exhibiting behaviors that drive a positive customer experience
  • Service recovery tool

TrendSource’s consultative approach will uncover opportunities and provide recommendations to propel initiatives forward.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR provides our clients’ customers with a toll free number to call, which prompts an over the phone survey regarding their recent experience with a branded product or service.

TrendSource’s IVR solution includes:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Service recovery notifications
  • Marketing insights
  • Recorded responses
  • Transcription
  • Data mining and insights

Providing a forum for customers to deliver insights into their recent experience enables our clients to get a pulse on their customers’ experiences and develop action plans to drive loyalty.



In-field data collection provides an objective and accurate measurement of services, operational standards, compliance adherence and/or product offerings both internally as well as outside at competitors.

In-field data collection solutions include:


TrendSource has a proven project management approach to ensure the right questions are being asked and the in-field data collection methodology is on target to achieve our client’s program objectives.