Mystery Shopping


Tailored to address your specific questions and accomplish your unique objectives, mystery shopping services evaluate key elements that influence the customer experience and allow for management to compare their expectations of service delivery to actual service delivery.


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The Field Agent Experience

Field Agents provide an unbiased third-party view of customers’ experience while interacting with products, services and employees. Mystery Shops are utilized to ensure our clients are delivering on their brand promise and providing a consistent experience across their system.  Mystery shops can be done in both client and competitor locations to assess internal service standards, as well as the competitive landscape.

Mystery Shops Field Agents
Integrated Data

Integrated Data Streams vs. Standalone Data

It is important to consider if mystery shops will be used as a standalone tool, or if they will be integrated with an existing customer satisfaction tracking data streams. Whenever possible it is recommended that these data streams are aligned to ensure results are used as a tool to drive customer satisfaction, positively impact sales and profitability.    

Proprietary Reporting Solutions

TrendSource’s proprietary reporting solutions have a wide variety of cutting edge reporting offerings that turn data into insights and solutions.  We offer both tactical reporting, which includes web-based reports and shop-specific push reports, as well as comprehensive offline reports that are designed to create Trusted Insight and drive strategic decisions.

Proprietary Reporting
Mystery Shopping Frequency

Mystery Shop Frequency

Recommended frequency of mystery shops depends on the program objectives. If the goal is to drive performance and improvement, it is recommended that locations are shopped 3-4 times per month. If the goal is to take a snapshot or benchmark of performance, 1-2 shops per month would be sufficient.

Quality of Trusted Insight

As an ISO 9001:2003 certified company, we have a diligent process in place to ensure proper quality assurance of our deliverables.  Our QA process involves the review of each and every report that comes from our Field Agents.

Data Quality