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Have Consumers Moved Past Beyond’s Plant-Based Products? What the Market Research Says

Posted by TrendSource on 11/12/21 10:49 AM

Almost a year ago, I wrote a market research blog about my recent return to vegetarianism, a concession to world karma as we rounded the pandemic corner and returned to normal life. I relished in the options awaiting today’s vegetarian and noted that plant-based foods like Beyond and Impossible were leveling up as more Americans bought their products from grocery stores for the first time.

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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Grocery, vegan, COVID-19

The Coming Housing Correction is Good News for Primary Home Buyers and Credit Resellers. How Can TrendSource OnSite Inspections Help?

Posted by TrendSource on 11/5/21 8:46 AM

We all know what’s been going on with the housing market over the last two years. The combined pressure of the pandemic and the rise of iBuying has greatly limited housing supply while demand has continued to rise. We’ve even written about it a couple of times recently, mostly discussing the ways in which the current market is pushing primary home buyers into rentals.

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, Consumer Reporting

Nike’s Digital Future: What the Fashion Market Research Says

Posted by TrendSource on 11/4/21 12:16 PM

Last week, Nike filed trademark papers to protect their iconic logos (the swoosh and the “Jumpman” Air Jordan) and slogan (“Just Do It”) in digital spaces.

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Topics: Market Research, Digital Technology, Fashion, Metaverse

Cash, Content, and Campaign: How Market Research Helped AMC Theaters Rebound

Posted by TrendSource on 10/28/21 4:38 PM

Have you seen Dune yet? Did you watch it at home on HBO Max, or did you go to the movie theater? If your answer was the theater, well, you are not alone. Dune just had the biggest domestic opening weekend since the pandemic began, raking in over $40 million.

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Topics: Market Research, Panel Surveys, VOC, Entertainment, COVID-19

Human Resources Has a Full Plate, TrendSource I-9 Verification Services Help Them Clear Some Space

Posted by TrendSource on 10/28/21 9:21 AM

You don’t need to be in Human Resources to know what’s going on with the labor market, which, at this point, is definitively a laborers’ market. 

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, I-9 verification, COVID-19, Remote I-9 Verification

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