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Our 9 Most Popular Market Research Blogs of 2018 (and two that must have slipped under the radar)

Posted by TrendSource on 12/27/18 9:02 AM

Most of you are likely already on vacation as we write this—it’s already pretty quiet in TrendSource’s halls, and just because your humble blogger has nothing better to do on a Thursday-before-Christmas afternoon, doesn’t mean you don’t either.

In that spirit, rather than bust out something entirely new, we decided to offer those of you still tuned in a recap of our 9 most popular market research blogs of the year (and two that we loved maybe a bit more than you did).  

So, for the last time in 2018, let’s put in the market research to count down our nine most popular blogs and, even though blogs are like children—it’s not right to pick a favorite—our two unofficial favorites of the year. Links are embedded in the headlines; see y'all in 2019!

2018 Convenience Store Industry Report: Insights at Your Convenience

2018 convenience store industry report

Who would have known that our most read blog of the year would actually be an industry report, our 2018 Convenience Store Industry Report to be exact? There we argued that women disproportionately prioritized safety when selecting a c-store, that consumers weren’t entirely ready for c-store delivery, and much more.

Cocktails in a Can: A Competitor Analysis of the RTD Cocktail Market

canned cocktails market research

Our predilection for the occasional cocktail is well known, and we’ve always known our readers shared our fondness. So it is no wonder that our second most read blog of the year was this in depth competitor analysis of what we like to call cocktails-in-a-can, but the rest of the business world calls the RTD (ready-to-drink) cocktail.

Delivery-Only Restaurants: A Food Industry Market Research Assessment

Prime Now We have delivery

In January, we delivered an in-depth examination of the temporarily-receding dark restaurant market. There we argued that the concept was right but technology and demand had not quite caught up yet. Look for us to revisit the topic early next year.

Manufacturer Market Research: JUUL E-Cigarettes Might Need Some Strategic Consulting

juul manufacturer market research

We celebrated Juul’s massive 2018 success while also considering where and how trouble could be emerging for the e-cigarette manufacturer (hint: it has to do with the children).

Marijuana, Munchies, and Food Industry Market Research

retail market research cannabis

The most popular of our three-part series on California cannabis legalization. Here we looked at how restaurants will look to capitalize on a munchier customer base and imagine a (quite likely) future in which restaurants serve cannabis-infused food in chill dining rooms. And yes, Snoop Dogg does make an early cameo.

Cannabis Food and Drink: What the CPG Market Research Says

marijuana edibles

Way back in January, we evaluated the emerging cannabis CPG market, noting that behemoths like Constellation brands are already getting into the game, auguring a robust intoxicant market the size of which we haven’t seen since the repeal of alcohol prohibition.

Manufacturing Market Research: “I Got Hot Sauce in My Bag, Swag”

manufacturing matker research

We evaluated the hot sauce market, which, despite being a $1B+ industry, nonetheless remains fragmented. It was a pretty exhaustive inquiry, and that was months before we discovered this bad boy, our new go-to.

Food Service Market Research: Subway Going off the Rails?

subway restaurant market research food

This came the week after Coachella as we slowly returned to real life. So, if it seems a bit testier than our normal tone, we can blame the (purely emotional) hangover. But that said, gosh, Subway sure has work to do.

Convenience Store Market Research, 7-Eleven, and Beyoncé

c-store market research

With Queen Bey on the assist, we took you through the unique differentiators that make 7-11 the nation’s most ubiquitous and profitable convince store. Wave your hand side to side, put it in the air. 


And now for those two that maybe we loved a bit more than the reading public…


For Businesses Not Born This Way: Marketing and Advertising LGBT+ Pride

marketing advertising pride

Just in time for summer strut season, we offered some tips to companies looking to aim  campaigns at the LGBTQ+ community and its allies as cities around the nation celebrated Pride.

Explaining Rihanna's Fenty Success with Retail and CPG Market Research

Rhianna market research

Maybe it was the July 5 publication date—nobody was looking for market research the day after a mid-week holiday, they were looking for coffee and Advil while staring at the clock and counting down the seconds until they could get home and get back in bed. Or maybe that was just us. Either way, check out this gem about an international treasure, her makeup empire, and the changing complexion of the cosmetics industry.

2018 Retail Industry Report

Topics: Marketing, Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, C-Store, Beyoncé

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