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The Eviction Moratorium, Landlords, and Onsite Inspections for Consumer Reporting

Posted by TrendSource on 8/20/21 9:25 AM

The Earlier this month, the Biden administration extended the CDC’s eviction moratorium only days after it had expired, decreeing that landlords in areas still battling COVID (most of the country) could not evict tenants for non-payment.

Today, we are going to look at the reasoning behind the moratorium, as well as look ahead to its ultimate end, which will come eventually. How will this impact renters, landlords, and the compliance management industry, and how will OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting figure into this? 

The CDC and Biden Administration’s Reasoning 

From the CDC’s perspective, public health is threatened when families are not able to isolate--the lockdown during the first wave of the pandemic (which successfully slowed the virus’s spread) was only possible because the vast majority of Americans had a house in which they could retreat. 

Having people in crowded shelters or cramming more and more people into the same rooms of a home can compound a public health crisis with a virus as transmissible and infectious as the delta variant. 

onsite inspections eviction

So, at least from the CDC’s perspective, this isn’t a policy that benefits the working class at the expense of the wealthy but rather one that benefits everybody in the country by ensuring people have space in which to isolate when infected and to lockdown when necessary.

Sure, there are likely people taking advantage of this policy and the system--there will be cheaters everywhere, just ask corporate America. And yes, this policy does hurt upwardly mobile landowners who relied on property rentals to keep their finances moving in the right direction. I think we can both agree that none of these outcomes is ideal. But neither is a homeless family. 

A Wave of Evictions Followed By a Tide of New Tenants

However, this virus can’t last forever, although some people are doing their darndest to give it a fighting chance. Regardless, this policy will not be in place indefinitely--the United States has shown repeatedly that, absent a potential public health crisis, it is not too concerned about underhoused and unhoused populations. Landlords will have their eviction days soon enough. 

And when they do, they will quickly be on the hunt for new tenants. This means that tenant background screenings will surge like never before, and, as we’ve previously discussed, this almost always includes a credit check. In order to access consumer reporting data, of course, businesses must meet the federal regulations protecting it, and for credit bureaus, that means an OnSite Inspection for Consumer Reporting.

onsite inspection credit bureau covid eviction

Whether it is a property management company or an independent property owner, anybody seeking access to consumer data must document their compliance with federal regulations, no matter which of the three major credit bureaus they go through. 

TrendSource has long been a premier provider of OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting, and currently offers both Physical and Virtual Inspections. They can even be purchased online.

TrendSource OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting

Look, a lot of landlords are frustrated right now and want to get to evicting people who have fallen behind on their rent. For the time being, the CDC and Biden administration won’t have it. This amounts to a whole bunch of evictions in the making, building up and building up until the moratorium ends. 

At that point, there will be a wave of evictions followed by a tide of new tenants. New tenants mean new background checks as part of tenant screenings. Those background checks include credit reports, and accessing credit reports requires compliance documentation. 

That’s where TrendSource comes in.

Order OnSite Inspections Online

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