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Our 9 Most Popular Market Research Blogs of 2018 (and two that must have slipped under the radar)

Posted by TrendSource on 12/27/18 9:02 AM

Most of you are likely already on vacation as we write this—it’s already pretty quiet in TrendSource’s halls, and just because your humble blogger has nothing better to do on a Thursday-before-Christmas afternoon, doesn’t mean you don’t either.

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Topics: Marketing, Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, C-Store, Beyoncé

Anti-Vagrancy Music: What the Convenience Store Market Research Says

Posted by TrendSource on 10/3/18 10:18 AM

Visitors to urban convenience stores might briefly think they have happened upon an impromptu, and very loud, philharmonic concert. That’s because in cities across California, c-stores are increasingly blasting classical, opera, and country music outside and around their locations.

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Topics: Market Research, Technology, C-Store, Beyoncé

Amazon Expanding IRL Footprint: Omnichannel Market Research

Posted by TrendSource on 7/12/18 9:14 AM

These sure are some interesting times in our omnichannel world. Although Amazon is slowly building their own branded brick-and-mortar bookstores, convenience stores, and kiosks, they are also encroaching into other retailers’ brick-and-mortar space, bringing foot traffic to the retailer while expanding their own IRL footprint.  

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Topics: Grocery, Technology, Retail, Digital Technology, Mobile Technology, Delivery, Amazon, C-Store

Convenience Stores Can Keep Cigarette Sales Burning with Compliance Audits

Posted by TrendSource on 6/7/18 9:09 AM

We are going to talk about cigarettes, so let’s get this out of the way: yes, smoking is bad; no, we are not being glib. Yes, it kills people every day; it has probably killed somebody you know.

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Topics: Market Research, Retail, C-Store

Convenience Store Market Research, 7-Eleven, and Beyoncé

Posted by TrendSource on 5/10/18 9:38 AM

Let’s talk about 7-Eleven. A trip to any urban branch of the convenience store will reveal an odd assortment of products ranging from diet-friendly to splurge-tastic, from so-cheap-you-think-you-are-in-a-dollar-store all the way to stare-hard--and-it-looks-like-Whole-Foods. Despite its diminutive size—the average 7-Eleven is 1,000-2,500 sq/ft—they manage to be an everything store for everybody, which also explains their place in popular culture.

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Topics: Technology, Retail, Delivery, Alcohol, C-Store, Beyoncé

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