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Corey Hagler

Corey Hagler
Corey joined TrendSource in 2003 in our Operations group. Since 2004, he has been managing relationships with Fortune 500 companies with a focus on building lasting relationships. Corey is dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to clients by designing and executing programs that provide quantitative and qualitative assessments to deliver clarity in the complex world of business. He excels in designing customized solutions to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and deliver the quality of work that TrendSource strives to provide. As Director of Client Services, Corey provides strategic leadership to the Client Services Department and continually develops his team’s ability to understand our clients’ industries and needs to analyze challenges and identify solutions to real world problems. Corey has a Master of Science in Executive Leadership degree from the University of San Diego.

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Business Storytelling: Making Connections that Drive Action

Posted by Corey Hagler on 6/29/15 9:42 AM

Most of us have a favorite story that we’ve carried with us long past our first encounter with it. How that first encounter took place – by book, movie, or around a campfire – is less important than the connection we had with something rare and special. It conveyed a truth to us in a new way or simplified something that was previously complex or unknowable. It had realness that touched something in our life. Stories like that affect the way we think, how we fell, and how we act. They change us.

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Customer Intercepts: Leveraging Mobile to Gather Consumer Insights

Posted by Corey Hagler on 3/25/14 3:30 PM

Why Customer Intercepts?

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