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Marvin Vuong

Marvin Vuong
Marvin joined TrendSource in 2014 as an Account Manager with years of experience in market research working with a number of Fortune 500 companies. He has experience in a variety of fields including grocery, consumer electronics, paper products, and entertainment. Marvin is especially proficient in crafting strong research based programs that are well designed to guard against potential future pitfalls. He is naturally a very curious and inquisitive person who has to ask a lot of questions until he fully understands a subject.

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Next Step for Grocery: Click & Collect

Posted by Marvin Vuong on 5/23/16 9:00 AM

Many consumers have stopped picking items off of shelves, and are letting store employees do that for them in a new system called ‘click and collect.’ Here’s how it works: customers select and purchase their items online and then pick them up at a prearranged location, already bagged. After all, why go through all the work when someone else can do it for you?

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Topics: Market Research, Grocery, Grocery Delivery

The Future of the Grocery Industry (It's Probably Online)

Posted by Marvin Vuong on 8/27/15 4:55 PM

The grocery industry has seen continuous change over the last ten years: High-end, Farm-to-table, Organic. These niche products are just the latest movement overtaking the grocery industry. The large-model supermarkets, focused on serving the community, once reigned king and are now starting to see significant competition.

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Topics: Market Research, Featured, Grocery

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