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Seven Market Research Topics We Can’t Wait to Blog About in 2019

Posted by TrendSource on 1/3/19 9:41 AM

It’s a short week and still relatively quiet in the hallways, so we are gonna bet that not many of you have too much time to devote to your weekly market research fix.

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Topics: C-Store, Alcohol, Beverage, Food, vegan, Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Market Research

Our 9 Most Popular Market Research Blogs of 2018 (and two that must have slipped under the radar)

Posted by TrendSource on 12/27/18 9:02 AM

Most of you are likely already on vacation as we write this—it’s already pretty quiet in TrendSource’s halls, and just because your humble blogger has nothing better to do on a Thursday-before-Christmas afternoon, doesn’t mean you don’t either.

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Topics: C-Store, Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Beyoncé, Marketing

Anti-Vagrancy Music: What the Convenience Store Market Research Says

Posted by TrendSource on 10/3/18 10:18 AM

Visitors to urban convenience stores might briefly think they have happened upon an impromptu, and very loud, philharmonic concert. That’s because in cities across California, c-stores are increasingly blasting classical, opera, and country music outside and around their locations.

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Topics: C-Store, Beyoncé, Market Research, Technology

Amazon Expanding IRL Footprint: Omnichannel Market Research

Posted by TrendSource on 7/12/18 9:14 AM

These sure are some interesting times in our omnichannel world. Although Amazon is slowly building their own branded brick-and-mortar bookstores, convenience stores, and kiosks, they are also encroaching into other retailers’ brick-and-mortar space, bringing foot traffic to the retailer while expanding their own IRL footprint.  

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Topics: Amazon, Retail, Delivery, Digital Technology, Mobile Technology, Technology, C-Store, Grocery

Convenience Stores Can Keep Cigarette Sales Burning with Compliance Audits

Posted by TrendSource on 6/7/18 9:09 AM

We are going to talk about cigarettes, so let’s get this out of the way: yes, smoking is bad; no, we are not being glib. Yes, it kills people every day; it has probably killed somebody you know.

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Topics: C-Store, Retail, Market Research

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