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Merchandising Audits: You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Posted by Ryan Kelly on 5/28/15 8:23 AM

You work hard to craft every message sent to your customers’ email inboxes, mobile phones, and social media accounts, cultivating a personal digital relationship. You design beautifully functional products that are a pleasure to use, but what happens when perfectly primed customers and artfully crafted products make their way into an aisle owned by a retail partner, with competitors jockeying for in-aisle position? Understanding and influencing the presence, condition, and environment of your products in-store should always be a goal, but how do you get there? In my time at TrendSource, many clients have come to us with just that question, and we’ve worked to design an integrated audit program to measure the effects of:

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Historical Changes within the Casual Dining Industry

Posted by Caleb Bacon on 5/20/15 12:25 PM

Directly correlated to the rise of fast casual restaurants is the decline of the casual dining industry. Throughout the 20th century, the casual dining restaurant was a staple of American life. What has led to its decline and what steps will the industry have to take to return to its glory days?

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Understanding Your Competitive Market Landscape

Posted by Heather Parker on 4/27/15 2:17 AM

For some businesses, closing the doors for good is a permanent solution to what might have been a temporary problem. Although not in every case, there are instances when disaster could have been averted if the appropriate market research solution(s) was in place.

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Beacons: Redefining the Mobile Customer Experience

Posted by Caleb Bacon on 3/10/15 7:49 AM

As hand-held technology has become more commonplace, businesses are facing a new challenge of determining how to engage with their mobile users in a meaningful way. Retailers are beginning to address this task through the use of beacon technology. In this sense, a beacon is a small sensor placed in-store that emits a wireless Bluetooth signal which is picked up by smartphones whose users have downloaded the specific app linked to the beacon. The smartphone then sends users a targeted message, based on factors such as the customer’s placement in the store. For example, beacons could detect a pattern of a new father frequenting the baby department of a retail store. The retailer, through their app, could then send coupons and promotions for baby clothing and other similar infant-related items. See the image below for a visual depiction of this process.

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Top Violations Found in AEP 2015 Secret Shopper Compliance Programs

Posted by Chris Bellesia on 2/26/15 4:17 PM

Supporting over 30 health plans nationwide in their compliance towards CMS Marketing Guidelines, TrendSource is in a unique position to identify the top violations that occurred during AEP 2015. Based on over 4,000 completed secret shop compliance audits during the 2015 AEP season, we found the following to be the top violation trends.

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