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As Enhanced Coronavirus Guidelines Temporarily Slow Grocery Traffic, Grocery Industry Market Research is Essential

Posted by TrendSource on 4/7/20 9:38 AM

A lot happened this weekend, just like it seems to be happening every day for a while now. Zoom was revealed to be a security liability, GrubHub is facing some tough PR over the fees it charges restaurants, and there are early rumors that Apple may be looking to acquire Disney(!). Oh and Will Oremus over at Medium finally solved the great toilet paper mystery once and for all. 

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COVID-19 Grocery Market Research: Customer Safety, Employee Safety, and In-Store Best Practices

Posted by TrendSource on 4/2/20 10:02 AM

Grocery stores have a central role to play in our battle against coronavirus, but as they necessarily remain open, they invite concerns about their safety among customers and employers alike. It’s simple: Stores have to stay open to keep us fed, crowded indoor spaces are increasingly risky, and customers and employees alike are frightened. It’s tough out there, there's no other way to put it. 

Our grocery clients have been asking us what they can do to enhance safety procedures, as well as communicate those efforts. So, we’ve been putting in the grocery industry market research. Here we discuss current measures being implemented in stores across the country as well as outlining the most reliable information we have about how to inactivate the virus and minimize risk. We will also consider the unique challenges stores face when protecting employees and customers' physical and mental well-being. 

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Topics: Market Research, Grocery, Labor, COVID-19

Labor, Security, and Discrimination Concerns Follow Amazon's Cashierless Grocery Store

Posted by TrendSource on 3/5/20 9:45 AM

Boy, I bet PBS’s Frontline sure is cheesed off that within weeks of releasing its three-hour Amazon documentary, the retailer went and opened a cashierless grocery store, Amazon Go Grocery.

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Topics: Market Research, Grocery, Digital Technology, Amazon, Labor

The Last Two Weeks in Amazon: 4 Real Life Stories of Retail Market Research

Posted by TrendSource on 7/11/19 9:42 AM

There’s always something new and remarkable floating down the Amazon, along with a good amount of flotsam and jetsam, of course, so sometimes it seems difficult to keep up with Amazon’s delta. Over the last ten days alone, stories have emerged about product expansion, shipping changes, public relations flops relating to factory conditions…and their biggest retail event of the year.

When you are the biggest name in retail and retail is only one of your rackets, everyday is going to bring one kind of development or another. Recently, everything has been coming up Amazon except for one cheeky Brit who may signal problems down the road.

So, rather than sorting through all those Google alerts, allow us to fill your cart with a load of retail market research Amazon updates. Oh, and always buy through Smile (you’re welcome, SDLGBTQ Center!)

Amazon Gets Into Professional Beauty

Amazon has long sold beauty products—in fact, your humble blogger recently migrated his Aveda Be Curly hair product purchases to Amazon, where he has long been purchasing face wash, lotion, and all the other male grooming essentials. No, they don’t come with the free gift that Nordstrom offers, but they are fast, reliable, and will come in the same shipment as my iPhone screen protectors (of which I go through about one per week).

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You, Fast Food Market Research, and the Apocalypse

Posted by TrendSource on 9/20/18 9:58 AM

When on the lookout for an apocalypse (be it biblical, zombie, or sports-related), sometimes it’s hard to discern the signal from the noise. But, in the case of fast food, when two of the nation’s biggest business news organizations—Bloomberg and Business Insider—both hit the panic button, it’s time to take notice.

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