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Legacy Manufacturers on the Decline? What the CPG Market Research Says

Posted by TrendSource on 2/21/19 9:19 AM

We all know that CPG is hurting, but we also know it’s not going anywhere. Unless we all roll up our sleeves and dig into an agrarian renaissance, we will always need consumer packaged goods—that’s not changing unless we all start farming. And I for one do not farm.

What’s changing, then, is where, how, and from whom consumers are getting these goods. Formerly the exclusive territory of CPG titans like Unilever and Kraft, CPG is increasingly fragmented and less monolithic.

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Topics: Market Research, Millenials, Grocery, Retail, Digital Technology, CPG, Manufacturing, Tom Brady

How Bud Light is Trying to Keep Up with Shifting Tastes (hint: Beverage Industry Market Research)

Posted by TrendSource on 12/11/18 11:23 AM

Lately it seems as though Bud Light has fewer and fewer buddies.

Facing challenges from the domestic craft beer revolution, foreign imports, and wine and spirits, brands like Bud Light have seen their sales and market share erode over the past several years.

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Topics: Millenials, Marketing, CPG, Tom Brady, Beverage

PARTY by Taco Bell: How Food Service Market Research Keeps the Party Going

Posted by TrendSource on 11/27/18 10:04 AM

At TrendSource, we like to take our holiday partying to San Diego’s historic Lafayette Hotel in lovely North Park, but for those with more elastic, or perhaps ironic, tastes, Taco Bell is offering “the next generation of modern entertaining,” officially inviting customers to “book your next party at the only logical place: Taco Bell.”

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Topics: Food Service, Millenials, Social Media, Digital Technology, Panel Surveys, Food

Rosé Wine In Full Bloom: CPG Market Research Shouldn't Be This Fun

Posted by TrendSource on 7/26/18 7:22 AM

Rosé colored glasses, everything's coming up rosés, a rosé by any other name would still smell sweet. Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about rosé, the fastest growing wine type in the country, surging for the last several years.  

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Topics: Market Research, Millenials, CPG, Manufacturing, Alcohol

Food Industry Market Research: The Malls Want Food Halls

Posted by TrendSource on 4/19/18 10:17 AM

Food halls are really becoming a thing now. Once restricted to the nation’s coasts (yes, Chicago counts as a coastal city in this formulation), the concept is now expanding as it is integrated into malls across the country.  One retail real estate firm, for example, has disclosed that only 25% of its future deals with tenants will be for apparel compared with more than 50% in 2015. Food is expected to account for about 22% of deals moving forward, up from 11%.

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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Millenials, Retail, Food

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