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Harvard Business Finds Secret to Multi-Channel Price Optimization

Posted by TrendSource on 2/20/17 9:12 AM

Multi-channel retailers have long agonized over multi-channel price optimization—should prices be the same in-store as online? And, with brick-and-mortar retailers folding every day, finding this harmony is as urgent as ever.

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Topics: Mobile, Technology, Retail

Amazon Go to Let Customers Forego Grocery Checkout

Posted by Nick Bravo on 12/13/16 8:45 AM

Reports have been leaking out for a while, but this week officially brought word that Amazon is indeed branching out into the brick and mortar grocery business, and in a big way.  Four years in the making, the 1,800 sq/ft, Seattle store, called Amazon Go, is currently in beta testing, with Amazon employees serving as its only customers, and will publicly launch in early 2017.

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Topics: Mobile, Grocery, Technology, Retail, Amazon

Mobile Technology Continues to Disrupt Traditional Holiday Shopping

Posted by Heather Parker on 2/16/16 1:00 PM

Historically, retailers have seen more foot traffic during the holiday shopping season than any other time of year. Yet like many other industries, the mobile movement is causing disruption to the traditional in-store experience.

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Topics: Consumer Insights, Consumer Research, Mobile, Consumer Surveys, Holiday Shopping, Consumer Behavior, Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Is Changing The Check-Out Experience

Posted by Nicolette Shasky on 11/30/15 7:00 AM

A hot new technology trend has hit the market, and several industries are taking advantage: the mobile checkout movement. We’ve seen what can be accomplished with beacon technology, so it’s no surprise that mobile has more capabilities that can further enhance the shopping experience.

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Topics: Food Service, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Grocery, Consumer Behavior, Retail, Mobile Technology

Retailers Face the Mobile App Challenge

Posted by Evencia Leite on 9/30/15 10:00 AM

At first glance, retail apps seem like an easy natural fit to enhance the customer experience, drive loyalty, and increase revenue.  App usage is growing very quickly, especially in the retail vertical.  Below are a few stats to illustrate how far they have come and where they are today. 

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Topics: Customer Perceptions, Mobile, Consumer Electronics, Mobile Apps, Customer Experience, Consumer Behavior, Technology, Retail

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