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Omnichannel Market Research: UPS Access Points, Convenience Stores, and The Dreaded Last Mile

Posted by TrendSource on 1/31/19 9:49 AM

As any veteran (and some neophytes) of e-commerce know, delivery is convenient until it isn’t. It’s wonderful when you come home to find packages safely waiting for you on your doorstep or in your lobby, and all the more satisfying when you happen to actually be at home to receive delivery (yes, I’m talking about you, dearest newly-acquired Ted Baker jacket).

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Topics: Delivery, Omnichannel, C-Store, Amazon, Online, Market Research

Google + Walmart = Amazon Buster? A Competitor Analysis

Posted by TrendSource on 12/21/17 9:25 AM

Have you seen those Walmart and Google Home commercials yet?  

They've got some big news to share, or at least they hope it will be big news. Walmart has joined Google Express—Google's online shopping and delivery platform—as the companies join forces in an effort to craft an Amazon buster.

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Topics: Retail, Manufacturing, Online, Competitive Intelligence, Amazon

Stars for Dollars: Reviewing Fake Online Reviews

Posted by TrendSource on 9/7/17 11:03 AM

Since mid-2015, Amazon has been taking it to the courts, so to speak. For over two years, they have been pursuing legal remedies to a growing cancer in their otherwise healthy operation: fake reviews. According to a press release, their legal strategy seeks to eliminate “the ecosystem around fraudulent reviews in exchange for compensation,” and vows to “continue to taking enforcement and legal action…as long as this type of abuse exists.”

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Topics: Retail, Online, Amazon, Digital Technology, Tom Brady

Amazon’s “Five-Families Meeting” Should Push CPG to Panel Surveys, Online Shop-Alongs

Posted by TrendSource on 4/13/17 7:48 AM

Leading CPG Manufacturers Called to the Table

“Times are changing.” So begins Amazon’s invitation to an upcoming meeting with the nation’s leading food manufacturers. There, Amazon will encourage manufacturers to radically rethink how they produce and package their products by prioritizing direct-to-consumer ship-ability over brick-and-mortar display-ability. In a retail environment where online commerce has undeniably reached the “tipping point,”  it no longer makes sense, they will argue as kings of the e-commerce hill, to produce and package goods with store shelves in mind.

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Topics: CPG, Market Research, Online, Technology, Amazon

Exclusive Products at Target Aim to Boost Holiday Sales

Posted by Nick Bravo on 10/28/16 8:00 AM

It’s that time of year again! Christmas music is already playing on the radio and retailers are bringing out their seasonal decorations, hoping for a bountiful sales bump like the 3.6% jump the NRF predicted across retail this quarter. But with online spending poised to match in-store spending for the first time, and 44% of online shopping searches starting at Amazon, such good news from the NRF is tempered by concerns about bringing bodies into stores. As one Deloitte analyst noted, “The big thing our clients are struggling with is foot traffic.”

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Topics: Retail, Holiday Shopping, Online

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