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Customer Experience Unplugged: “It’s Our Company Policy”

Posted by TrendSource on 3/4/14 4:57 PM

The Company

Whether by plane, train or automobile, traveling with kids can be a stressful challenge! This month, we focus on one busy dad’s experience with the rental car industry. Typically, the rental car represents the last leg of what can be an exceptionally long journey, which gives way to an unprecedented opportunity to shine as a customer service dynamo or dinosaur. Let’s break it down!

The Situation

It’s not uncommon to get that sinking feeling in your stomach as the plane door closes and you just remember what you absolutely need to have for your trip, which is in your car resting comfortably in short-term parking. UGH! In this instance, two car seats were left behind. Now what? Our hands-on dad was traveling to see family with his two children. Like many single dads, he is no stranger to finding quick solutions to get past any problem that pops up. His remedy – rent a couple of car seats from a rental car company. He knew that rental car companies have car seats and they are, after all, in the rental business. What could go wrong?

Just Want the Kit, not the Caboodle!

Sadly, plenty could go wrong. He went from counter to counter asking to simply rent two car seats. Each time, he was met with the same response, “Sorry, we can’t do that because it’s our company policy.” Time and time again he was told that he had to rent a car if he wanted the car seats. Give the poor man something he can grab on to! Why not give him a real legitimate business case as to why you are completely neglecting to help serve him? Utterly perplexed and annoyed, he made other arrangements. Why on earth would these companies leave good money on the table?

Be the Hero, for Pete’s Sake!

Blinding missed opportunity! The first rental car company that rented the car seats to that tired dad would have had a customer for life. He would have told all of his friends, family, and coworkers of the amazing life-saving experience he had at company X. Instead, all he did was submit his grievances to me. Someone in the industry has dropped the ball.

It all could have turned out much differently if the following had been taken to heart at the rental car roundtable:

  1. Review the pain in each and every touch point of travel and devise a plan to remedy that pain.
  2. Know, understand, live and breathe the customer.
  3. Anticipate the customer’s needs before they do.
  4. Train and incentivize employees to recognize an amazing customer experience as well as a business opportunity and to do what they can to make it happen.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our Customer Experience series where we break it down and dish out our thoughts on how to improve your own Customer Experience.

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