A Paradigm Shift in Market Research: Redefining the Role of Research Partners

Posted by TrendSource on Sep 29, 2016 11:25:02 AM

Webinar Summary


A commonly accepted paradigm associated with market research today is that an organization enlists research providers to collect and synthesize data. In recent years, there has been a focus on turning data into insights through story-telling and effective data visualization. While all of these are important aspects of executing good research, end users of these insights are often still left with the task of implementing the necessary change(s) in response to the results.

Through effective outcomes-based engagement, research partners can support their clients in navigating the challenges of the actualization of new tactics and strategies. There is no better way to explain the advantages of this paradigm shift than to share the journey of one Fortune 100 retailer and the best practices that were used in an enterprise-wide change initiative that redirected their strategy and successfully shaped their future.

Topics: Business Strategy, Market Research, Strategic Consulting

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