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Unlocking the Data: Bringing the Customer Journey to Life

Posted by TrendSource on Jun 30, 2016 1:15:23 PM

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Companies must fully understand their customer journey in order to remain competitive, and too often settle for a one-dimensional perspective derived from a limited set of methodologies.  Marrying qualitative and quantitative research, however, provides clients a three-dimensional view of their customer journey, offering depth and texture to provide optimal results.  Follow one global media company as it seeks to uncover their customer’s entry points, preferences, retail experience, and relationships. 

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Topics: Business Strategy, Market Research, Strategic Consulting, Retail, CPG

Outcomes-Centered Research: Redefining the Role of Research Partners

Posted by TrendSource on Mar 29, 2016 11:07:54 AM

What’s In The White Paper?

Through effective outcomes-based engagement, research partners can support their clients in navigating the challenges of the actualization of new tactics and strategies. There is no better way to explain the advantages of this paradigm shift than to share the journey of one Fortune 100 retailer and the best practices that were used in an enterprise-wide change initiative that redirected their strategy and successfully shaped their future.

Some highlights:

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Topics: Business Strategy, Market Research, Strategic Consulting

Advertising Budget ROI Assessment: One State Lottery’s Journey

Posted by TrendSource on Mar 29, 2016 10:22:40 AM

What’s In The White Paper?

Fearful that prior research would have a deleterious effect to their advertising budget, one state lottery sought out additional research for validation. Previously collected research studies found the current state lottery market to be saturated, suggesting there was no possibility for additional return on investment (ROI) if the state lottery advertising budget was increased. Dissatisfied, the state lottery decided to partner with a market research firm in hopes that a more robust research program would result in a support of conclusions that would allow them to continue to provide benefit to the state through increased advertising expenditures. 

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Topics: Market Research

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