Food Safety in the Fast Casual Industry

Posted by TrendSource on Feb 1, 2017 10:30:42 AM

Webinar Summary


For restaurants facing a foodborne illness scare, all is not lost—at least according to our recent Food Safety Consumer Insights Study where 82% of respondents indicated they’d give such establishments a second chance under the right conditions. But what factors drive consumer perceptions of food safety and cleanliness?

Join TrendSource Trusted Insight’s Director of Client and Consulting Services Michael Linck and Senior Research Analyst Micah Lomax as they examine how restaurants can leverage consumers' ideas of food safety and quality.

Webinar highlights include:

  • 81% of respondents feel that food is safer when they can see it prepared in front of them in an open kitchen
  • Only 53% believe that employees actually wash their hands as required
  • 91% believed food could not be considered safe if prepared without gloves

Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Restaurant, Fast Casual, Food Safety

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