Generational Differences in Grocery: Millennials as Customers and Employees

Posted by TrendSource on Apr 12, 2017 2:54:03 PM

It seems like everybody is talking about millennials these days, right? Millennials as trend-setters, as customers, as the largest labor force in the United States...

But how can your stores target millennials to increase store traffic, customer satisfaction, and ultimately market share? Join TrendSource’s Vice President for Business Development, Jana De Anda, and Senior Manager of Client and Consulting Services Sarah Rowlett for a 20-minute webinar as they explore:

  • Who exactly are these millennials?
  • What does their ideal shopping experience look like? Or how about their ideal day at work?
  • How will their adoption of online shopping and social media impact your ability to reach them?

Topics: Consumer Insights, Grocery, Consumer Behavior

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