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What Are Door Knocker Occupancy Verification Inspections?

Door Knocker Occupancy Verifications Inspections are in-field Inspections at a particular property to determine if the space A) is occupied, and B) by whom.

In these types of Inspections, an Inspector arrives unscheduled at the given address and, as the name suggests, knocks on the door (or rings the bell). If nobody answers and the property looks vacant, the Inspector notes this and reports back.

However, if the property is occupied, the Inspector explains their purpose and asks the occupant for photo identification, which they take note of.

Importantly, the bank ordering the Inspection does alert the resident that an unscheduled Inspection is forthcoming within a certain window of time. So, while unscheduled, the visits are not entirely unannounced. This mandatory alert helps assure the safety and comfort of both the occupant and the Inspector.

door knocker occupancy verification inspections knocker

But let’s back up. Who uses these Inspection types and why?

Why Banks Use Door Knocker Occupancy Verification Inspections

There are several reasons a financial institution will request a Door knocker Occupancy Verification Inspection. They may want to confirm, for example, that a particular borrower actually lives at the property listed in lending documents.

Lending institutions also may want to confirm that the property for which they provided a loan is, in fact, the primary residence of the borrower and not, instead, being sub-leased or rented. This information impacts how properties are assessed and insured.

They may also need to ensure that a property under foreclosure is no longer occupied, which would amount to squatting.

Notably, financial institutions oftentimes rely on this type of Inspection after unsuccessfully attempting to contact the borrower directly for a scheduled Occupancy Verification Inspection.

TrendSource Occupancy Verification Inspections

door knocker occupancy verification inspection knock

TrendSource has long been a leading provider of Door Knocker Occupancy Verification Inspections. With a nationwide proprietary network of Inspectors, TrendSource can rapidly dispatch a Door Knocker Occupancy Verification and quickly report it to the client dashboard.

While TrendSource does offer an array of other Inspections with a virtual option, Occupancy Verification Inspections, by their very nature, must take place in person. When looking to verify occupancy, a knock on a virtual door simply will not do.

TrendSource Occupancy Verification Inspections help financial institutions monitor who is living in properties on loan and/or under foreclosure. The Inspections are accurate, professional, and rapid.

Learn More About Occupancy Verification Inspections

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.