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What is Market Research?

Market research is research into markets. This research tells you about your market.

What is the difference between TrendSource Trusted Insight and TrendSource OnSite Inspections?
TrendSource Trusted Insight offers Trusted Insight through market research and strategic consulting; TrendSource OnSite Inspections provides OnSite Inspections.
How do I become a mystery shopper?
Visit www.thesourceagrnts.com to apply.
What is the difference between quantitative market research methodologies and qualitative market research methodologies?
Good question! Quantiative market research methodologies provide numerical data (quantities), telling you how much something is done. Examples include customer intercepts and satisfaction surveys. Qualitative market research, on the other hand, tells you how something is done, giving deeper insights into specific consumer motivations. Examples include ethnography, focus groups, and shopalongs.
Who are some TrendSource clients?
TrendSource has been serving Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients across many industries for over 25 years. Of course, many of them don't want us to use their names--you understand. But head over to our Clients and Industries page to learn about some of the biggies.
What is the best type of market research survey?
That's like asking who our favorite child is! In all honesty, the best market research survey is the one that is right for your specific business needs. That's why we custom build our programs. But head over to our Market Research Overview page to get better acquainted with our different solutions.
What is mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping is near and dear to our hearts--we helped to modernize the indusry in the mid 1980s, and have remained pioneers in the field since. Mystery shopping, also called secret shopping, is a market research methodology that deploys undercover field agents into online and brick and mortar retail environments. There, they observe associate interactions, product counts, marketing materials, and anything else deemed necessary by the client. 
What is TrendSource's Quality Assurance process?
TrendSource maintains an independent Quality Assurance team with the authority to push back against suspicious data, and the experience to only pass along the highest quality work. Learn more about our Field Agents and their relationship to our Quality Assurance Team and its process.
What does "Full Service Market Research and Strategic Consulting" even mean?
It means that we are there with our clients from the earliest stages of their market research journey all the way through implementation and validation. We help companies formulate business questions, develop market research programs to answer them, collect and analyze the data, make recommendations based on that data, and then help to implement them.
How do I apply for a job at TrendSource?
Tempted by the San Diego sun? We don't blame you! We keep our current job listings posted on our careers page. Check it out!
What are Field Agents?
Field Agents are vetted, experienced independent contractors who perform a key function in many of TrendSource's market research solutions. They gather in-field data and submit reports to our Quality Assurance team. Learn more about Our Field Agents.
Why should marketing and advertising agencies partner with a market research firm?
We believe that market research afirms and advertising agencies are natural partners; Market research firms put the market into marketing, so to speak. Read our blog on the subject to learn more. 
What is The Source at TheSourceAgents.com?
The Source is TrendSource's proprietary Field Agent database, spanning the United States and Canada. The database is closed and dynamic meaning that we only keep the best agents active, and don't subcontract out our work. The Source is, in many ways, the source of TrendSource's market research might.
How do I schedule a market research consultation?
Good call! Head here, we'll take care of you.
What does 'omnichannel' mean? What is omnichannel market research?
Yeah, ommichannel is definitely a buzzword these days. In its simplest terms, omnichannel market research refers to programs that address each customer touchpoint in the modern marketplace, including e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, social media, and much more. It's market research that is in every channel (omnichannel) that your customers are. Learn more here.
What is the best way to do competitor market research?
It's a delicate balance, right? How much time and energy should you be dedicating to competive market research, and how should you go about doing it. Well, we have many ideas on the topic. Head over to our competitor market research overview.
What is a Shopalong? What are Shopalongs?
So much Insider jargon, we know! Shopalongs are a qualitative market research methodology that evaluate consumers' path to purchase. Learn more about them here.