What is Market Research?
Market Research is just what it sounds like, research into specific markets with the goal of gaining insight to improve operations, marketing, and ultimately profitability. Market research methodologies can be both qualitative and quantitative.
What is the difference between TrendSource Trusted Insight and TrendSource OSI?

TrendSource Trusted Insight offers Trusted Insight through market research and strategic consulting; TrendSource OSI provides OnSite compliance inspections and audits.

How do I become a Field Agent (mystery shopper, OnSite inspector, etc.)?
What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies?
Great question! Quantitative market research measures things that can be counted, or quantified. For example, how many customers like a particular new product. Qualitative market research methodologies, on the other hand, measure things that cannot be broken down into numbers--why a customer likes a particular product, how a customer came to make a certain purchase. We offer both qualitative and quantitative market research solutions.
What does "Full-Service Market Research and Strategic Consulting Firm" even mean?
It sure is a mouthful, right? Here's what we mean: we are with you from the earliest possible stages of identifying your research questions all the way through implementation.  We help companies formulate business questions, develop market research programs to answer them, collect and analyze the data, make recommendations based on that data, and then help to implement them. It sounds like a lot. Because it is.