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Cocktails in a Can: A Competitor Analysis of the RTD Cocktail Market

Posted by TrendSource on 3/21/18 10:39 AM

Last week, we wrote about how Coke was set to debut its own alco-pop in Japan, marking the first branded foray into alcohol in the company’s history. This got us thinking about the alcohol-in-a-can market in general, and before long, we were researching (yes, both traditional research and enthusiastic taste testing - for science) the newest wave of cocktails in a can.

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Topics: Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Grocery, CPG, Manufacturing, Beverage

Coke + Booze = Beverage Industry Market Research Marvel

Posted by TrendSource on 3/15/18 8:54 AM

People have been mixing Coke into their cocktails since time immemorial, from the familiar Jack and Capitan combinations to the less famous Kalimotxo. But never before has Coca-Cola gone ahead and poured the booze in for you, but all that is about to change with their recent announcement that they bravely are entering the Japanese “alcopop” market. Indeed, the beverage giant is going to start producing what is known as “chu-hi” in Japan—a canned mixture of grain alcohol and sparkling water.

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Topics: Market Research, Retail, CPG, Panel Surveys, Manufacturing, Focus Groups, Alcohol

Manufacturer Market Research: JUUL E-Cigarettes Might Need Some Strategic Consulting

Posted by TrendSource on 3/7/18 11:40 AM

Adult smokers looking to quit, and much more problematically high school teenagers looking to both fit in and stand out, have really taken to the JUUL. Described as the “i-Phone of e-cigarettes”, the oh-so-small electronic cigarette debuted in 2015 and today is selling about 20 million products per month. Coming in fun flavors like crème brule, cool mint, mango, and mixed fruit, the device—which closely resembles a USB stick—is actually two separate pieces, a rechargeable battery and disposable nicotine cartridges (JUUL packs). The battery costs about $35, the cartridges about $16 per four pack.

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Topics: Business Strategy, Strategic Consulting, Technology, Manufacturing

Grocery and Food Industry Market Research: Cattlemen Have Beef With Plant-Based Burgers

Posted by TrendSource on 3/1/18 10:00 AM

The United States Cattlemen’s Association is charging at the makers of meatless burger patties with a Pamplona-like fury. The unlikely supplicants recently filed a 15-page petition with the USDA soliciting an official definition of “meat” and “beef” amidst a new crop of plant-based burgers—made most notably  by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods—that inch ever closer towards meat mimicry.

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Topics: Food Service, Grocery, Technology, Food, vegan

2017 Post-Holiday Report: CPG and Retail Industry Insights

Posted by TrendSource on 2/22/18 8:55 AM

We are doing things a bit differently this year. As you may have noticed, we have done away with our Pre-Holiday Reports, retiring them after five great years of forecasting and exploring purchase intentions. Our reasoning: Pre-Holiday Reports, we have heard from our Retail industry and CPG industry clients, do not provide adequate time to put insights into action—by the time shoppers have shaped their holiday purchase intentions, retailers have necessarily already completed their holiday preparations.

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Topics: Holiday Shopping, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Behavior, Retail, CPG, Consumer Insights Studies, Fashion, Consumer Insights Study, Amazon

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