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Fashion Retail Market Research: Burberry Aiming at Target

Posted by TrendSource on 5/24/18 8:12 AM

Burberry is checking Target for using its signature check. The luxury brand, maker of the most iconic trench coat this side of the military industrial complex, filed suit against the big box retailer earlier this month, citing “repeated, willful, and egregious misappropriation” of their “famous" and "iconic" pattern.  

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Topics: Market Research, Strategic Consulting, Retail, Fashion

Manufacturing Market Research: “I Got Hot Sauce in My Bag, Swag”

Posted by TrendSource on 5/17/18 10:01 AM
We love a good pun around here but saying that hot sauce is hot right now is a bit too easy for us. Yet, though a bit lazy and humorless, that statement is nonetheless true.

How hot is it? Consider some numbers: Since 2000, US sales have grown by 150%, which is more than the sum growth for all other condiments combined (yes, all of them: ketchup, mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce…).  In 2015, Euromonitor noted that sales of hot sauces grew at nearly twice the rate as other packaged goods writ large.  Spicy products have a 20% compound annual growth rate over the last 10 years.  Oh, and as of last count, more than half the American population has at least one bottle of hot sauce in their fridge. All this means that, within the next five years, hot sauce will be a $1.65 billion industry.  

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Topics: Competitive Intelligence, CPG, Manufacturing, Focus Groups, Beyoncé

Convenience Store Market Research, 7-Eleven, and Beyoncé

Posted by TrendSource on 5/10/18 9:38 AM

Let’s talk about 7-Eleven. A trip to any urban branch of the convenience store will reveal an odd assortment of products ranging from diet-friendly to splurge-tastic, from so-cheap-you-think-you-are-in-a-dollar-store all the way to stare-hard--and-it-looks-like-Whole-Foods. Despite its diminutive size—the average 7-Eleven is 1,000-2,500 sq/ft—they manage to be an everything store for everybody, which also explains their place in popular culture.

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Topics: Technology, Retail, Delivery, Alcohol, C-Store, Beyoncé

Food Service Market Research: Subway Going off the Rails?

Posted by TrendSource on 5/3/18 9:00 AM

As the New York City Subway System slowly erodes into decay, its namesake, Subway restaurants, is facing a similar pickle: too many years of unregulated growth, lack of internal improvements, a confounding value proposition, and in-fighting are all sending the restaurant off the rails.

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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Strategic Consulting, VOC, Food

Amazon Whole Foods: Checking in on the Grocery Industry Market Research

Posted by TrendSource on 4/26/18 9:42 AM

When Amazon acquired Whole Foods, most people were asking the wrong questions. They were wondering how this would reshape Whole Foods, not how Amazon would use Whole Foods to reassert and refortify Prime. Any confusion about this should long have been laid to rest—Amazon is out to revolutionize grocery, sure, but not as a single discreet act but as part of its broader plan to revolutionize commerce in general.  

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Topics: Grocery, Technology, Retail, Digital Technology, Grocery Delivery, Amazon

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