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Nordstrom Local Swings at Seamless Omnichannel Integration

Posted by TrendSource on 9/14/17 3:57 PM

Nordstrom, long the Emperor of department store fashion, has announced it will soon open a store with no clothes. Instead, the new store—dubbed Nordstrom Local—will follow a Bonobo’s model with in-store interactions and experiences feeding online orders: stylists and staffers will help consumers browse displays and fitting-room samples, guide them through their digital catalogue, and then help them place their order online for at-home delivery.

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Topics: Market Research, Omnichannel, Retail, Digital Technology, Fashion

Plucky Male Grooming Products Industry Rises, Manufacturers Swoon

Posted by TrendSource on 9/12/17 8:14 AM

Men's morning routines are getting a bit more complicated and their tastes a bit fussier it seems, and this is good news for manufacturers: men are spending more than ever before on grooming products. In 2015, male grooming products were a $9.3 billion dollar market; by 2020, it will be $11.5 billion.

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Topics: Market Research, Beauty, Marketing

Stars for Dollars: Reviewing Fake Online Reviews

Posted by TrendSource on 9/7/17 11:03 AM

Since mid-2015, Amazon has been taking it to the courts, so to speak. For over two years, they have been pursuing legal remedies to a growing cancer in their otherwise healthy operation: fake reviews. According to a press release, their legal strategy seeks to eliminate “the ecosystem around fraudulent reviews in exchange for compensation,” and vows to “continue to taking enforcement and legal action…as long as this type of abuse exists.”

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Topics: Online, Retail, Digital Technology, Amazon, Tom Brady

Food Market Research: Beef—It’s What’s for Reading

Posted by TrendSource on 8/30/17 1:58 PM

Last year, the average American ate 54 lbs. of beef, 1.6 lbs. more than in 2015. No, that doesn’t seem like that much—heck it’s only 1/1000 the weight of a single beef cow. But now consider that beef consumption had decreased every year for the past decade, is down 15%-19% since 2005, and that writers have been serving up think pieces on red meat’s demise seemingly everyday since. Now you understand why the slight increase—akin to six McDonalds quarter-pounders per person, per year—has meat producers banging more cowbell.

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Topics: Food Service, Retail, Manufacturing

Amazon Prime Flows Through Whole Foods

Posted by TrendSource on 8/25/17 11:05 AM

Well, that was fast. Amazon announced on Thursday that, come Monday when its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods is complete, they will begin slashing prices on common favorites such as organic apples, almond butter, rotisserie chickens, and a Whole host of other Foods.

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Topics: Market Research, Grocery, Digital Technology, Grocery Delivery, Amazon

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