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The History of Mystery Shopping: A Timeline

19 July by TrendSource

1940s: Early Beginnings

What we know today as mystery shopping started out as a covert operation by WilMark, a research company that worked with private investigators. They posed as employees to measure the integrity of the other employees in cash-handling businesses like banks and retailers. As this practice became more common, market research companies developed their operations to also...

A Millennial Responds to a Million Millennial Market Research Studies

13 July by TrendSource

Millennials – we are the generation every analyst, strategist, and business developer is eager to understand, including my bosses here at Trendsource.  As a millennial myself, and a summer intern, I was asked (ok, told) to provide my thoughts about my demographic. Sure, we are a fascinating  generation, estimated to be half of the workforce by 2020, and we have big ideas and fattening wallets....

Market Research Firms and Ad Agencies: The Perfect Partners

06 July by TrendSource

Marketing & advertising agencies have a lot on their plate--not just because digital mediums are rapidly replacing traditional marketing but simply because their job is insanely difficult when you think about it: marketing agencies have no product control, are rarely involved in development or customer outreach, and yet are responsible for ensuring those products have customers once brought to...

2017 Grocery Industry Report: Stop Blaming the Millennials

29 June by TrendSource

For our 2017 Grocery Industry Report, we decided it was time to stop asking if and where people are grocery shopping on and offline, and instead start asking who and how.  So between April 10 and April 24, we surveyed 1,687 respondents from our proprietary database, The Source, asking them about their online and in-store shopping habits, priorities, and pain points. The results should be...

The Real Reason Amazon Wants to Buy Whole Foods

21 June by Nick Bravo

You can buy a lot with $13 billion in cold cash. Islands…cities…elections…six to ten major market NBA teams. Or, if you are Amazon, you can acquire Whole Foods at a reported 27% premium over closing cost.

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