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TrendSource Helps Companies Compliance Efforts Across Varied Verticals

Posted by TrendSource on 3/20/23 10:22 AM

TrendSource has been in the compliance business for quite some time, building expertise and efficiency in disparate but complimentary business sectors, helping a diverse set of clients document and manage their compliance efforts.

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Topics: Compliance, Compliance Audits, Health Care Compliance, Compliance for Employers, Compliance for Finance, Compliance for Consumer Reporting, Compliance for Government, Compliance for Health Care

With AEP 2022 in the Books, Supplement Providers Should Consider Year-Round CMS Compliance Audits

Posted by TrendSource on 12/7/22 10:08 AM

As the Annual Election Period (AEP) 2022 comes to a close, Medicare Supplement Providers are finally exhaling, having made it through the busiest and riskiest time of year. Their sales reps have given hundreds of presentations, fielded thousands of questions, and answered tens of thousands of inbound calls.

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Topics: CMS, CMS Compliance, Compliance for Health Care

CMS Formal Event Compliance Audits

Posted by TrendSource on 12/1/22 6:30 AM

CMS formal events require Sales Reps to channel their inner toastmaster, giving a prescheduled presentation to Medicare-eligible attendees regarding a company’s Medicare Supplement plans. During these presentations, and the question and answer sessions that follow, they must provide accurate and accessible information while remaining mindful of strict CMS guidelines.

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Topics: CMS, CMS Compliance, Compliance for Health Care

CMS Informal Event Compliance Audits Help Sales Reps Learn to Juggle

Posted by TrendSource on 11/28/22 12:43 PM

CMS informal events require Sales Reps to think quickly on their feet as they field inquiries from potential customers regarding Medicare Supplements. Unlike formal events—which have a prescribed start time and feature a planned presentation before a scheduled Q&A session—at informal events, Sales Reps must essentially engage in impromptu 1:1 conversations with consumers.

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Topics: CMS, CMS Compliance, Compliance for Health Care

CMS Compliance Audits Shouldn’t End with AEP 2022

Posted by TrendSource on 11/21/22 6:45 AM

As we continue through the Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP), consumers are engaging Medicare Supplement Providers at multiple sales touchpoints, including phone calls, informal and formal events, and even 1:1 appointments.

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Topics: CMS, CMS Compliance, Compliance for Health Care

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