Compliance for Employers, Compliance for Consumer Reporting, and So Much More

Posted by TrendSource on 10/6/22 10:50 AM

TrendSource has the industry experience and infrastructure to complete virtual and physical compliance Inspections and Audits across several different industries. With products for I-9 Verification, Inspections for Consumer Reporting, and even CMS Compliance Audits, TrendSource’s program’s span the compliance spectrum.

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Topics: Compliance, CMS Compliance, Compliance Audits, Compliance for Employers, Compliance for Finance, Compliance for Consumer Reporting, Compliance for Government, Compliance for Health Care

What are Virtual Inspections? What Types of Inspections Can Be Completed Virtually?

Posted by TrendSource on 9/6/22 11:02 AM

Virtual Inspections are compliance Inspections that are performed virtually. In Virtual Inspections, Inspectors utilize video communications platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, or WhatsApp to conduct various types of Inspections. Critically, the contact at the location under inspections also sends geo-tagged photographs and submits to interviews as part of the Virtual Inspection process.

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Topics: Consumer Reporting, Occupancy Verification, Repossession Lot Inspections, Virtual OnSite Inspections, Debt Collection Inspections, FHA Lender Inspections, Compliance for Employers, Compliance for Finance, Compliance for Consumer Reporting, Compliance for Government

With Interest Rates Up and Mortgage Applications Down, Housing Prices Likely to Level Out

Posted by TrendSource on 6/15/22 11:23 AM

We are likely in the early stages of a significant housing market contraction, the size of which hasn’t been seen since 2006.

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, OSI, Consumer Reporting, Virtual OnSite Inspections, Compliance for Consumer Reporting

The Housing Market is Slowing; Onsite Inspections for Consumer Reporting are Not

Posted by TrendSource on 5/26/22 9:45 AM

The US Census Bureau, most famous for its demographic survey of each and every person in the country (well, about that…), has come out with data suggesting that the housing market has finally taken a turn. A downturn, that is.

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, Consumer Reporting, Lending Institutions, Compliance for Consumer Reporting

To Combat Inflation, the Fed Looks to the Job Market

Posted by TrendSource on 4/28/22 8:45 AM

The Great Resignation has given rise to a laborers’ job market, which is great for working people who are finding more flexibility, autonomy, and satisfaction. But it is costly and frustrating for employers who need to fill empty positions and scale up new ones. Now the Fed is eyeing the labor market as a manageable front to fight the rising inflation currently plaguing the economy.

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Topics: Finance, Labor, Lending Institutions, Compliance for Employers, Compliance for Finance, Compliance for Consumer Reporting

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