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Providing market research industry solutions using qualitative and quantitative techniques and multi-modal approaches to deliver trusted insight.


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Grocers know how difficult it is to achieve rapid growth or enter new markets, as well as integrate banners, maintain customer loyalty, and validate promotions. With more than two decades working with top grocers in the industry, TrendSource will develop a custom program to help you achieve your business goals.

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When looking to identify service gaps between customers’ expectations and their in-store experience, or understanding key behaviors that will drive sales and customer loyalty, TrendSource has the industry expertise to help restaurant clients deliver on their brand promises.

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From ensuring compliance among your retail and supply chain partners to designing products that will resonate with your customers and everything else that goes into a successful product launch, TrendSource's unmatched tools and methodologies give you the answers you need run your operations smoothly.

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TrendSource allows retail clients to exceed their revenue goals by giving them invaluable insight into customer perceptions, competitive landscapes, and their ideal buyers' journey, to optimize and maximize their growth opportunities.

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Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Expand your agency's capabilities through market research to help your clients understand their customers and validate their advertising decisions. TrendSource's deep experience working with Fortune 100 companies across a broad range of industries enables us to custom tailor the perfect research solution for any client. 

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