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Scoping Out Property Condition Inspection Scopes

At TrendSource, we want to ensure that our clients get exactly what they need, no more, no less.

While standardization is operations’ best friend, standardization also pigeonholes clients, forcing them into products that add costs or services they do not require or that cannot meet their needs.

This is why TrendSource offers a wide range of scopes when it comes to Property Condition Inspections, a product that appraisers and lending institutions widely utilize across a spectrum of property types. Essentially, we want to be sure that appraisers get exactly what they need to complete desktop appraisals, and because these needs vary so widely, our Property Condition Inspections offer the same breadth.

From Apartments to Commercial Properties, TrendSource Has a Scope for It

PCR Scope Table

The above table outlines the different types of Property Condition Inspections that TrendSource currently offers. Each Scope is uniquely tailored for a specific appraisal type, taking into account variables such as conflicting information in public records, as well as variable needs for sketches, measurements, and photographs.

Note that each and every Property Condition Inspection includes a basic informational worksheet with key data, as well as basic structure photos that include the building address, and signage and views of the environment, parking lot, and street.

All Property Condition Reports will come with these core components.

Yet, beyond that, each Inspection and the Report they produce, are entirely unique from one another, bringing different combinations of measurements, sketches, and photographs.

How TrendSource Completes All Property Condition Inspections

remote i-9 verification field agent

While Property Condition Inspection Scopes vary widely in purpose and content, they are all united by TrendSource’s commitment to accuracy and efficiency. Each is completed by an experienced Inspector from TrendSource’s proprietary Independent Contractor Database. Distributed across the United States, these Inspectors can quickly and reliably complete Property Condition Inspections anywhere in the country.

Their in-field Inspection data is then exhaustively reviewed by TrendSource’s internal Quality Assurance team. By the time it reaches our clients (which, again, is quite quickly), the report is accurate and complete—no exceptions.

These Reports, whatever their Scope, are then immediately reported to the client through their exclusive dashboard.

No matter the scope, no matter the building type, TrendSource’s Property Condition Inspections set the industry standard. Financial institutions have long relied on them to bring savings to their internal appraisal operations. And no matter what type of Property Condition Inspection they require, TrendSource has a Scope for that.

Learn more about TrendSource’s Property Condition Inspections.

Learn More About Property Condition Reports

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.