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Property Condition Inspections Help Lending Institutions and Their Appraisers

Posted by TrendSource on 12/3/21 10:51 AM

As housing prices continue to increase while interest rates remain steady, the great era of mortgage refinancing continues. More and more homeowners are  seeking to lower their interest rates, lower their monthly payments, and/or pull equity out from their increasingly valuable home. 

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Topics: Property Assessments, OSI, Lending Institutions, Property Condition Report

As Housing Prices Continue to Rise, Property Condition Inspections Become Increasingly Important

Posted by TrendSource on 4/30/21 9:16 AM

Three separate indices charting housing prices across the country came out last week and all of them point in the same direction: Up. Great news for homeowners, insanely frustrating for would-be buyers!

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Topics: Property Assessments, OSI, Property Condition Report

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