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TrendSource OnSite Inspections Ensures Accuracy and Professionalism through its Dedicated Inspectors and QA Team

It’s become a cliché to say that, in business, it’s all about the people. But at TrendSource OnSite Inspections, we really do believe that our Inspectors and QA team are what sets us apart from our competitors. They work together to build and uphold the integrity of each Inspection.

So, how does TrendSource OnSite Inspections ensure its Inspections are professional and accurate? Well, it’s all about the people.

OnSite Inspectors Represent Clients in the Field

OnSite Inspections can be a tricky enterprise. As an often-subcontracted business-to-business service, TrendSource’s OnSite Inspection clients are distinct from the client’s customers. Think of it this way: Our clients hire TrendSource to perform OnSite Inspections on their customers.

This means that, during an Inspection, the contact TrendSource is meeting with is rarely TrendSource’s client but rather a company who must demonstrate compliance with federal regulations in order to work with our clients. Indeed, TrendSource’s Inspectors help our clients mitigate risk by ensuring that the companies they work with meet the necessary regulatory standards required by law, and/or any standards required by the client.

physical onsite inspections meeting

Such an arrangement means that TrendSource’s OnSite Inspectors are often viewed as representatives of our clients in the field—they are often the first face-to-face encounter a company has when starting to work with a client of ours. This is a responsibility TrendSource On Site Inspections takes very seriously.

OnSite Inspectors: Accurate and Professional

TrendSource OnSite Inspections has built a proprietary database of over 300,000 Field Agents in North America, from whom we choose our reliable and responsible Inspectors. These Inspectors go through additional certifications, orientations, and a background check to even be eligible for OnSite Inspections. This army of inspectors serves as clients’ boots on the ground and eyes on the scene, completing verifications and Inspections in record time.

But it’s not just about accuracy and efficiency, is it? It’s also about professionalism.

We know that professionalism is very important to our clients—again, our Inspectors are often the first person their customer is meeting in person.

That’s why TrendSource supports clients’ professionalism requirements—all of our Inspectors undergo an Onsite Inspection Certification, which includes a professionalism orientation and a certification exam before we ever send them out on an Inspection. Clients can even choose to require an enhanced OSI certification, which comes with further orientation and verification.

on site inspections business casual

It’s also why TrendSource supports clients’ dress code standards--Inspectors dress business-casual when conducting an Inspection and provide a business-appropriate headshot by which contacts can recognize them. And it’s why each and every certified OnSite Inspector has undergone a background check, which they regularly renew.

OnSite Inspection Quality Assurance

TrendSouce’s dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team maintains that same level of professionalism and accuracy as they review each Inspection report within one business day of receiving it to ensure it is accurate. The completed Inspection report often hits TrendSource’s reporting website within 12 hours of TrendSource receiving the data.

Among other quality checks, TrendSource OnSite Inspections’ QA team ensures all required Inspection photos are present and correct, and that the report is professional and reliable. They stay in close communication with the assigned Inspector for any follow-up questions, additional photos, or points of clarification.

on site inspections quality assurance

TrendSource OnSite Inspections: Professionalism from Beginning to End

TrendSource understands that the OnSite Inspection industry comes with a unique set of responsibilities for its clients. Our work directly reflects on our client and stands to positively or negatively shape their business relationships with potential customers.

Our Inspectors, like our reports, must be responsible, on-time, professional, and accurate. TrendSource OnSite Inspections ensures this quality with its specially oriented, OnSite Inspection Certified Inspectors and its dedicated Quality Assurance team.

As your unbiased eyes on the scene, we do our best to ensure the experience is professional and accurate for everybody involved.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.