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How a New Hire Experiences TrendSource’s I-9 Remote Verification

Posted by TrendSource on 10/1/21 10:44 AM

We talk a lot in this blog about our Remote I-9 Verification product, focusing on how companies experience our ordering platform (order online!), what they can expect (accuracy and professionalism), and how to ensure the process is streamlined and efficient (by choosing TrendSource as your I-9 Verification provider).

But today we wanted instead to focus on I-9s from the perspective of new hires—no, they are not our clients (their new company is), but they are, after all, the ones going through the verification process.

How do end users experience this product, from the moment they are hired until their employment eligibility verification is complete?

Well, let’s imagine a new hire, we can call her Candice, and follow her along her journey to verify her employment eligibility.

Candice Gets Hired, Candice Needs to Get Verified

Candice, who lives in Tennessee, was just hired by a company based in Texas (apparently, she really crushed the interview and they can’t wait to get her on the team!). She’s been told that one of her onboarding responsibilities is to complete her I-9 verification as soon as possible and, though it seems like it might be a bit of a pain, Candice is eager to get it done as quickly as possible.

Since her HR manager has long utilized TrendSource for the company’s Employment Eligibility Verification needs, Candice immediately receives an email outlining the I-9 Verification process, providing her instructions to login to TrendSource’s online Verification platform.

Man and woman using laptop during meeting in cafe-1

Once Candice is logged into TrendSource’s online platform, she has two tasks:

  • She must input the information for Section 1 of Form I-9. This is a breeze for her, it is just a typical personal information form.
  • She must suggest a local meeting place and several times that she is able to meet in person to complete section 2. This is also easy! She has a coffee shop that she just loves in the outskirts of Nashville.

Once Candice has provided this information, which she does quickly because she’s just such a go-getter, a Field Agent reaches out to Candice via email with the time and location (which Candice suggested) of their in-person Verification meeting. And since Candice needs to know who to look for in this public place (she’s perceptive but not psychic), the email also includes the Field Agent’s photo and badge information so she can identify them.

At the appointed time, Candice heads to the coffee shop, easily finds the Field Agent, who then complete Section 2 with her (as required by law) and takes photos of all necessary identification and documentation. It takes about 10 minutes, not even enough time for Candice to finish her coffee and sticky bun.

And that’s it.

Candice’s brief and effortless march to employment eligibility verification is already complete. TrendSource handles everything from there and gives her employer access to the completed I-9.

Efficient, effortless, and exact. That’s how TrendSource handles Remote I-9 Verifications. For end users like Candice, the experience is painless and precise, allowing new hires and their new companies to focus on the work at hand, not their compliance and verification needs.

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