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When Customers Judge You Based on Your Third-Party Compliance Inspectors, Those Inspectors Better Be Good

Consumer Reporting, like any federally regulated industry, is complicated. There are multiple groups involved, each performing a specific role, and oftentimes people can get confused about who is who, who represents who, and who is doing what.

At TrendSource, we provide unbiased, third-party Inspections to document compliance with federal laws governing consumer reporting. We have a deep network of experienced Inspectors across the country, and these Inspectors are independent contractors working with TrendSource to help companies manage their compliance needs.

A client hires us to perform an Inspection on a new customer of theirs, and we dispatch an Inspector. Client, Customer, TrendSource, Inspector. These are all separate entities. And yet, we regularly find that customers affiliate our Inspectors with our clients, despite our best efforts to clear this up. They think Inspectors come directly from the client.

Like it or Not, The Association is Real

Their confusion makes sense. Inspectors are, after all, typically the first person a contact encounters after beginning their relationship with our client. So, while we don’t encourage the association between our Inspectors and our clients, we understand it is just a fact of life.

virtual onsite inspection inspector

People naturally link the company they contracted to pull consumer reporting data with the Inspector who shows up a few days later to document their compliance. That means, like it or not, the company that you hire to perform OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting ultimately reflects on you.

That reflection, even if it isn’t accurate, should be flattering not frightening. Instead of fighting it, or leaving this first impression to chance, lean into it and contract with the most professional compliance firm you can.

Our Inspectors Make a Great First Impression

TrendSource’s Inspectors leave a heck of a first impression.

We should know. We survey contacts after every single Inspection we perform. We ask the contact about their first impression of our Inspector, their professionalism, their punctuality, knowledge, and even dress.

On a five-point scale, our Inspectors average scores do not dip below 4.6:

  • Professionalism When Scheduling Appointment: 4.77
  • Timeliness When Arriving to Appointment: 4.71
  • Professionalism of Inspector’s Attire: 4.68
  • Inspector’s Knowledge of Inspection Process: 4.73
  • Overall Inspection Experience: 4.68

Professional Inspectors for Professional Clients

FHA lender inspection inspecting

Those numbers are, frankly, the envy of the industry. Across hundreds and hundreds of Inspections, TrendSource’s Inspectors scored in the 93rd percentile. Those numbers give our clients security and comfort, knowing that they are dispatching Inspectors who will make a good first impression on their customers.

It’s not just the numbers, however. Checkout what contacts had to say when given the chance to sing our Inspectors’ praises.

  • “[The Inspector] did an excellent job in guiding me thru the process and insuring I was prepared and fully equipped with what I needed for the inspection. If [the Inspector] reflects the types of Inspectors who represent your organization then you are well represented. It was truly a pleasure working with her.”
  • “[The Inspector] was absolutely punctual at my office. He was professional, positive, and personable. If I were hiring at this time, I would hire him on the spot for his professionalism.”
  • “[The Inspector] was professional, efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Would welcome back anytime!”

This is just a small sample of the glowing reviews our Inspectors regularly receive, but the point is well taken: If your customer is going to associate our Inspectors with your business, TrendSource will do you proud.

TrendSource OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting

In the compliance industry, you have choices.

But, TrendSource is one of the few companies with Inspections accepted by all three major credit bureaus, one of the few companies that can guarantee national coverage and a rapid turnaround, and one of the few companies with a proven track record.

Those are all great reasons to choose TrendSource. But our Inspector’s professionalism is probably the best reason.

Learn More About OnSite Inspections

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.