2017 Post-Holiday Report: Millennial Spending Up, All Else Down

Posted by TrendSource on February 22, 2018

Our 2017 Post-Holiday Report helps retailers and manufacturers close the book on the previous holiday season, while also providing actionable insights that look forward towards future shopping trends, spending patterns, and platforms. 

Highlights Include: 

  • Nearly every age demographic maintained or decreased their holiday spending since last year, with one notable exception. 
  • 57% of shoppers avoided brick-and-mortar stores in order to steer clear of crowds and traffic.
  • Only 30% of respondents were even willing or somewhat willing to purchase their top gift choice without a significant discount. Only 20% of Baby Boomers were similarly inclined.
  • Year-round shopping is down 10% since last year among all shoppers, meaning that more and more volume is concentrated in the months, weeks, and even days before the holiday.
  • Nearly two-thirds (60 percent!) of all respondents did at least of their portion of their shopping via Amazon Prime. Nearly half of Silents (49 percent!) used Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon is the most popular purchase destination in each of the three major gift categories: fashion/apparel, toys, and electronics.
  • Much, much more!

Topics: Holiday Shopping, Consumer Electronics, Retail, CPG, Fashion, Amazon

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