2020 Retail Industry Report: Developing Purchase Pathways, Preferences, and Pain Points

Posted by TrendSource on February 26, 2020

For our 2020 Retail Industry Report, we wanted to look at retail's digital evolution and revolution, specifically examining new purchase pathways in social media, secondhand shopping, and omnichannel delivery. How has retail changed over the last several years, in which ways have consumer expectations evolved and adapted to this new reality, and how can retailers and manufacturers continue to reach consumers along so many omnichannel touch points? These are some of the questions we set out to answer in our 2020 Retail Industry Report. 

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2020 Convenience Store Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on December 16, 2019

As we enter the next decade, convenience stores are at a crossroads as generational turnover and technological advancement change c-stores’ mandate and potential for differentiation. Three issues will dominate c-store trends in the coming decade more than any other: fresh and elevated food to-go, frictionless checkout and automation, and cannabis sales. And fascinatingly, each of these issues seems to pivot on generational segmentations.

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2019 Fast Casual Food Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on September 18, 2019

It’s been some twelve years since Chipotle first went public and the fast casual revolution got underway. We’ve seen better burger and better pizza concepts proliferate to the point of saturation, ethnic concepts penetrate deeper and deeper into America’s heartland (and hearts), and the occasional misstep and overreach (you know who you are). 

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