2020 Retail Industry Report: Developing Purchase Pathways, Preferences, and Pain Points

Posted by TrendSource on February 26, 2020

For our 2020 Retail Industry Report, we wanted to look at retail's digital evolution and revolution, specifically examining new purchase pathways in social media, secondhand shopping, and omnichannel delivery. How has retail changed over the last several years, in which ways have consumer expectations evolved and adapted to this new reality, and how can retailers and manufacturers continue to reach consumers along so many omnichannel touch points? These are some of the questions we set out to answer in our 2020 Retail Industry Report. 

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2017 Beverage Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on November 09, 2017

Follow us on a deep dive into a slice of today’s beverage landscape in our 2017 CPG Beverage Industry Report. The report includes:

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2017 Grocery Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on July 05, 2017


Learn the state of the grocery industry - online & brick-and-mortar - in our 2017 Grocery Industry Report, which covers the following topics:

  • The real reason Amazon wants to buy Whole Foods
  • How customers find and add items to their digital shopping cart when grocery shopping online
  • Statistical deep dives into meal kit, bulk bin, and ethnic aisle shoppers’ purchasing behaviors
  • A generation-by-generation breakdown of online grocery shopping (spoiler alert: it’s not just millennials)
  • Much more

Find these and other insights by downloading the full report now...

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2017 Retail Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on May 24, 2017


Learn the state of the retail industry - online & brink-and-mortar - in our 2017 Retail Industry Report.

  • How do millennials differ from older shoppers, in both brick-and-mortar and online shopping?
  • How can retailers leverage sensory perception to influence customers’ in-store experience?
  • How do personality types shape the form of associate interaction customers prefer, and how should electronics, home improvement, and fashion associates behave differently from one another?
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Mother’s Day 2017 Consumer Insights Study

Posted by TrendSource on April 19, 2017


It might not be entirely accurate, but Moms have a reputation for graciously accepting any gift they are given—smiling, saying I love it, and saying I love you. That’s how people have gotten away with giving some truly uninspired gifts throughout the years.

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