Mother’s Day 2017 Consumer Insights Study

Posted by TrendSource on April 19, 2017


It might not be entirely accurate, but Moms have a reputation for graciously accepting any gift they are given—smiling, saying I love it, and saying I love you. That’s how people have gotten away with giving some truly uninspired gifts throughout the years.

But according to the Mother’s Day Market Research in our 2017 Mother’s Day Consumer Insights Study, Moms want more than time with their family and the classroom-crafted keepsake.

So, what, apart from elbow macaroni picture frames and clay palmprints, does Mom want this holiday, where will it be purchased, and for how much?

What are the gaps and disconnects between mother’s desires, families’ purchase intentions, and retail offerings?

And how can retailers target the many last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers sure to be frantically browsing brick-and-mortar and virtual aisles the weekend of May 13?

Our 2017 Mother’s Day Consumer Insights Study has the answers.

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