2020 Convenience Store Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on December 16, 2019

As we enter the next decade, convenience stores are at a crossroads as generational turnover and technological advancement change c-stores’ mandate and potential for differentiation. Three issues will dominate c-store trends in the coming decade more than any other: fresh and elevated food to-go, frictionless checkout and automation, and cannabis sales. And fascinatingly, each of these issues seems to pivot on generational segmentations.

So, for our 2020 Convenience Store Industry Report, we decided to really focus on generation—how do different age cohorts understand the issues facing c-stores, what do they want, and how can convenience stores plan for a millennial-driven future while ensuring they do not alienate their Gen-X and Baby Boomer base.

Among the topics we considered:

  • Why are certain generations more resistant to in-store automation than others, and how can operators address these concerns?
  • What types of fresh foods would consumers be willing to try at c-stores, which will never play, and how can operators responsibly build out a fresh and quality prepared food game?
  • How comfortable are different generations of consumers with the idea of in-store cannabis sales? What types of cannabis products do they want to see in c-stores?
  • To what extent are grocery chain’s omnichannel operations in a position to siphon c-store market share?
  • How can convenience stores make their premises feel safer, particularly for women, and thus encourage more regular foot traffic?

These are just a few of the questions we answer in our Convenience Store Industry Report. Download the full report below. 

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