2018 Convenience Store Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on April 04, 2018

TrendSource's 2018 Convenience Store Industry Report offers operators in-depth analyses of their customers' priorities, pain points, and paths to purchase. Such insights should help operators increase basket size and capture market share. Highlights include:

  • Consumers' priorities when selecting a convenience store (hint: location, location, location...and safety)
  • Consumers' likelihood to utilize convenience store delivery and curbside pickup (so far, not so good)
  • The viability of elevated fare such as fresh foods and craft beer (context is key)
  • A point-by-point demographic breakdown of visit and purchase frequency 
  • The ways women and men view convenience stores differently
  • Clusters analysis of convenience store consumers
  • The importance of restrooms and gas prices
  • Much, much more!


Topics: Market Research, Consumer Insights, Consumer Research, Retail, Consumer Insights Studies, Consumer Buying Behavior, C-Store

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