2018 Food Service Industry Report: All About Casual Dine-Ins

Posted by TrendSource on July 10, 2018

TrendSource's 2018 Food Service Industry Report offers restaurant operators in-depth analyses of their customers' priorities, pain points, and paths to purchase. Breaking down consumers' relationships to the twenty most popular casual dining chains in the United States, such insights should help casual dining operators (and food service in general) increase check size and market share by offering avenues to appeal to distinct and similar segments of customers. 

Report highlights include:

  • A breakdown of the most and least popular casual dining chains overall and among multiple segmentations
  • Consumers' likelihood to utilize casual dining delivery (not too likely thus far...)
  • The keys to changing consumers' perception of casual dining chains as stale and dated
  • A point-by-point demographic breakdown of visit and purchase frequency 
  • Clusters analysis of casual dining chain consumers who prioritize experience, flavor, and trendiness
  • The different ways rural, suburban, and urban consumers view and patronize casual dining chains
  • The most and least common social situations in which people choose casual dining chains
  • Much, much more!

Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Consumer Insights, Consumer Research, Consumer Insights Studies, Consumer Buying Behavior, Health Food

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