2018 Retail Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on December 06, 2018

TrendSource’s 2018 Retail Industry Report is grounded in an analysis of the omnichannel faultlines across retail, particularly the tensions between in-store and online.

When both foot and online traffic are at a premium, we wanted to know, what draws consumers into stores in a world where it requires increasingly less effort to simply order items through a series of taps in an app? How do shoppers want to experience brick-and-mortar v. digital stores? How can digital vendors close in the experiential gaps brick-and-mortar still enjoys and how can brick-and-mortar emphasize these experiences to compete with the convenience online offers?

Report highlights include:

  • Which types of stores—from warehouses and superstores to boutiques and discount stores—are most frequently shopped online v in-store
  • A deep dive into the rise of secondhand shopping
  • An exploration of the “sip ‘n’ click” (aka intoxicated shopping) phenomenon as well as wardrobing and show rooming.
  • An answer to the question, “Is retail therapy really a thing?
  • Generational, income, gender, and sexual orientation segmentations
  • Much, much more!

Topics: millennials, Market Research, Consumer Insights, Consumer Research, Online, Omnichannel, Retail, Digital Technology, Consumer Insights Studies, Consumer Buying Behavior

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