2019 Alcohol Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on August 08, 2019

Alcohol is big business—sure, cannabis is starting to encroach on the after work ‘take the edge off’ market, but alcohol remains as American as apple pie (which is also a type of moonshine). Among changing demographics, social attitudes, and relationships to substances, we thought it was a good time to put our finger on the pulse of the drinking nation.

How much and how often are people drinking these days, what are they drinking when they do, and what social situations particularly lend themselves to alcohol consumption in today's shifting social landscape? Also, what further insights can be gleaned from generational, gender, and income segmentations? We were honestly surprised by some of the results.

These are the types of questions we set out to answer in this first report, which we see as a baseline as we embark on further study

Report highlights include:

  • At what age are people drinking for the first time and how do they progress through different alcohol preferences as they age?
  • Are people interested in alcohol delivery and other relatively new purchase channels?
  • What are the entry points into brand preferences and the reasons for brand loyalty?
  • If forced to choose between wine, beer, and liquor for the rest of their lives, which are drinkers likeliest to chose?
  • What are the unique alcohol preferences among generational, gender, and income segmentations?
  • Much, much more!

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