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For Every Business: Virtual I-9 Verifications Are Important Compliance Measure

People often ask us why we write so much about I-9s. This blog seems like it is I-9-this and I-9 that, AmIRight? But there is a method to our madness, a reason we scream from the hilltops about I-9s every chance we get: They are as close to universal as anything in this country gets.

Nothing is universal anymore. Think about it. Game of Thrones was probably the last monoculture show, the last time we all gathered around a television at the same time to watch the same show, and then spent the week discussing it. What was the last movie every single person you know saw? Was it before or after Titanic?

Nothing is shared, everything is divided. There is Apple v Android, Coke v Pepsi, and don’t even get us started on the fractious nature of contemporary politics (divisions on top of divisions multiplied).

Virtual I-9 Everybody

But whether somebody puts oat milk or heavy cream in their morning coffee, whether they get their work out by chopping down a tree or doing an hour of yoga in the park, they all need I-9s.

And whether a business sells something, makes it, or processes it (Say Anything?), whatever their business, they need to verify their New Hire’s employment eligibility status.

What are Virtual I-9 Verifications?

Virtual I-9 Verifications are a compliance product exclusively available from TrendSource, which helps businesses rapidly and efficiently verify New Hires employment Eligibility. Particularly for businesses with a high turnover rate, outsourcing this rote yet vital compliance practice to a professional service provider like TrendSource makes smart business sense.

Think about it: HR teams are all bogged down in the constant hiring cycle while also spearheading important initiatives like back-to-office and hybrid work transitions. Meeting virtually with New Hires to complete their I-9 becomes cumbersome and burdensome, leaving the opportunity for honest mistakes and oversights.

remote employment verification i-9

Such mistakes and oversights, obviously, are quickly identified and punished, meaning it behooves business to get it right the first time. TrendSource Virtual I-9s add efficiency and certainty to onboarding procedures.

And, again, they are useful for every business type.

How TrendSource Does Virtual I-9 Verifications

Most businesses are unfamiliar with this new product, which TrendSource developed to comply with the newest version of Form I-9.

Once a client places an order for a Virtual I-9 Verification, here’s what happens:

  1. The New Hire receives an email from TrendSource, prompting them to log in to the TrendSource I-9 portal to complete Section 1 and upload copies of their identification documents.
  2. The New Hire then chooses a date and time from TrendSource’s scheduling calendar.
  3. At the appointed time, TrendSource virtually meets with the New Hire to complete Section 2.
  4. TrendSource takes it from there, completing E-Verify on the client’s behalf.

This process prioritizes convenience for the employer’s onboarding process while ensuring the I-9 is completed accurately the first time around. This process also benefits the New Hire, whose experience is seamless and user-friendly.

User-friendly for everybody since, again, everybody at some point needs an I-9.

Learn More About Virtual I-9 Verifications

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.