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TrendSource Partners with Feeding America San Diego

Over 50 million Americans do not have dependable, consistent access to enough food due to limited money and resources. That’s one in six Americans, and more than 17 million of them are children – a harsh reality. To combat this sobering phenomenon, TrendSource employees contributed to the giving spirit this past holiday season by gathering food items to donate to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger relief charity, through a corporate food drive.

To orchestrate this food drive, employees were divided into teams by departments as a way to stir up some healthy competition. From November through January, employee donations were counted on a weekly basis and totals were shared to keep excitement high. In the end, TrendSource was able to donate over 1,100 food items, and because of these donations, Feeding America was able to provide 516 healthy meals to local San Diegans in need.

The company’s actions did not go unnoticed. After employees dropped off 645 pounds of food products at the Feeding America distribution center on Tuesday, February 19, Feeding America San Diego expressed their gratitude to TrendSource for their efforts.

“TrendSource was able to collect all of the items on our Most Needed list, so as a result, we will be able to utilize these donations in our market center where partner agencies shop for items to take back to their soup kitchens, pantries, and distribution centers,” wrote Feeding America in their blog.

“This food drive provided some of the best product that we have seen in a while,” said Feeding America Market Center Manager Joe Campos. “None of the items were expired and the majority of the donations are nutritious food that our agencies are going to love! These items might get fought over-haha!”

We believe that helping the community is not only a great idea, but our duty as citizens of society, and the food drive gave TrendSource employees the opportunity to make a positive impact and contribute to those in need.

Do you believe it’s important for businesses to participate in corporate social responsibility efforts? What are some examples of charity work you or your company has done in the past?

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.