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The Future of the Grocery Industry (It's Probably Online)

Posted by Marvin Vuong on 8/27/15 4:55 PM

The grocery industry has seen continuous change over the last ten years: High-end, Farm-to-table, Organic. These niche products are just the latest movement overtaking the grocery industry. The large-model supermarkets, focused on serving the community, once reigned king and are now starting to see significant competition.

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Topics: Market Research, Featured, Grocery

When Shop-Alongs are the Right Choice

Posted by Ryan Kelly on 7/23/15 4:18 PM

Great research is about asking the right questions, of the right people, at the right time. TrendSource shares views on when, how, and why to choose Shop-Alongs when seeking shopper insights.

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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Featured, Grocery, Retail

5 Reasons why Customer Intercepts Matter to your Business

Posted by Caleb Bacon on 7/23/15 8:59 AM

Customer intercept solutions provide businesses an insightful picture of their customers’ perceptions of their brand as well as specific products and services. Below are 5 reasons why customer intercepts matter to your business:

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Business Storytelling: Making Connections that Drive Action

Posted by Corey Hagler on 6/29/15 9:42 AM

Most of us have a favorite story that we’ve carried with us long past our first encounter with it. How that first encounter took place – by book, movie, or around a campfire – is less important than the connection we had with something rare and special. It conveyed a truth to us in a new way or simplified something that was previously complex or unknowable. It had realness that touched something in our life. Stories like that affect the way we think, how we fell, and how we act. They change us.

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Success: When Market Research Goes Beyond Delivering Insights

Posted by Evencia Leite on 6/16/15 10:38 AM

Oftentimes, a question comes out of a corporate meeting that requires the expertise of a market research firm to answer. Typically, a methodology is chosen, executed and the data is collected as well as synthesized for the client – serving up the answer. Seems simple enough, but it only scratches the surface when the reality of the need is systemic. Driving positive change throughout an organization many times starts with a solitary question – but is it the right question? It is paramount to partner with a market research firm that has the aptitude to discern the right question(s), the best approach and the appropriate implementation methodology.

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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Featured, Grocery, Retail

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