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Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly

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When Shop-Alongs are the Right Choice

Posted by Ryan Kelly on 7/23/15 4:18 PM

Great research is about asking the right questions, of the right people, at the right time. TrendSource shares views on when, how, and why to choose Shop-Alongs when seeking shopper insights.

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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Featured, Grocery, Retail

Merchandising Audits: You Can’t Fix What You Can’t See

Posted by Ryan Kelly on 5/28/15 8:23 AM

You work hard to craft every message sent to your customers’ email inboxes, mobile phones, and social media accounts, cultivating a personal digital relationship. You design beautifully functional products that are a pleasure to use, but what happens when perfectly primed customers and artfully crafted products make their way into an aisle owned by a retail partner, with competitors jockeying for in-aisle position? Understanding and influencing the presence, condition, and environment of your products in-store should always be a goal, but how do you get there? In my time at TrendSource, many clients have come to us with just that question, and we’ve worked to design an integrated audit program to measure the effects of:

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Topics: Market Research, Featured, Retail

Enablement: A Paradigm Shift for the Corporate Researcher

Posted by Ryan Kelly on 10/13/14 8:26 AM

Last year when I returned from the MRA's Annual Corporate Researcher's Conference, the hot topics were clearly defined, yet diverse:

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Topics: Market Research

Black Friday Shopping: A TrendSource Experiment

Posted by Ryan Kelly on 11/29/13 3:50 PM

TrendSource sent three researchers out this morning (11.29.13) to check up on the customer experiences at three of the top five retailers cited as destinations by the respondents of our 2013 Holiday Buying Intentions Study. Please enjoy below Alyssa’s Assessment at Kohl’s, Ryan’s Report at Best Buy, and Jordan’s Judgment at Walmart. Happy Holiday (shopping)!

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Topics: Market Research, Featured, Retail

TrendSource Takeaways: 2013 Corporate Researchers Conference

Posted by Ryan Kelly on 11/5/13 2:53 PM

Hello blogosphere! A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of representing TrendSource at the MRA’s Corporate Researchers Conference in Dallas, TX. Below are some takeaways from what I thought were the most impactful sessions. Enjoy!

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