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Want Satisfied Customers? Start with Satisfied Employees.

Customer satisfaction. It’s top of mind, all the time; and it should be. However, great customer satisfaction doesn't start with your customers – it begins and ends with your employees.

Let’s consider the success and continuous growth of Five Guys Burgers and Fries. While there are many ingenuities behind their success, one key differentiator that helps them stand out from the competition is the treatment of their employees. Jerry Murrell, co-founder of Five Guys Burgers and Fries says, “It’s important to make employees feel a sense of ownership and accountability.” Instead of putting 3 percent of revenue towards marketing initiatives, Five Guys empowers their employees to reinforce the brand image by awarding their crew members over $12 million dollars in incentives per year for delivery of exceptional customer service.

Every company is different, but in the service industry, everyday employee interactions play an integral role in the satisfaction of a customer. Employees’ attitudes, actions and behaviors significantly impact the customer experience. But how much of their awesome or terrible experience is actually based on their perception of the employee?

Embrace Change with Open Arms

Are you sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you fully understand the following about your employees’ satisfaction?

  • My employees enjoy coming into work everyday
  • My employees feel comfortable going to management with concerns
  • My employees feel empowered and valued
  • My employees feel incentivized to get the job done right

How your employees feel about their positions and the organization as a whole cannot be assumed. It’s important to listen to your employees to shape a company culture that fosters positivity, comfort and happiness.

Recognizing the need for change is the first step. Consider Walgreens for a moment. Never before had the largest drug retailing chain considered a strategy that began with employee satisfaction. Their original business model was based solely on expansion. However, in recent years, they have established new roles, including community leaders and vice presidents of markets; effectively closing the gap between corporate level management and field operations, giving employees a feeling of accountability and value.

Satisfied Employees Make for Satisfied Customers

Research has consistently shown a strong connection between employee engagement and positive customer service perceptions. In fact, 41% of customers credit their loyalty to a business because of exceptional employee attitudes. While customer intercept programs and mystery shopping services are incredibly useful and often imperative to understanding customers, employee satisfaction surveys can also be extremely valuable to your company. Let’s face it— everyone wants to be heard in some capacity. Companies that establish forums for employees to provide feedback and offer recommendations for change will undoubtedly lead to increased employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction surveys allow companies to identify areas that will cultivate a positive work environment, empowering employees to drive innovation and move your organization forward.

Everyone wants to see more of this:

Happy Employee

Instead of this:

Unhappy employee
What Can You Do?

Maintaining highly engaged employees (i.e. brand ambassadors) is critical to the success of your brand. Ultimately, understanding what motivates your employees and identifying what prevents them from doing their jobs will positively impact your business and customer loyalty.3 Methods to Avert Disaster

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.