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Why Virtual I-9 Verifications: For Distance and For Volume

At TrendSource, we love our Virtual I-9 Verifications. We think they are the right product for the right time, and frankly, we think everybody should be using them.

But we understand that, for some business types, they just make more sense than others. Said differently: Yes, everybody could benefit from TrendSource Virtual I-9s, but others could benefit even more!

This is especially the case for businesses with two hiring challenges: distance and volume. In either case, the Virtual I-9 Verification just makes good business sense, and for businesses dealing with both distance and volume at the same time, the Virtaul I-9 is a true godsend.

job fair virtual i-9 numbers

Virtual I-9s Bridge Remote Distances

For companies hiring remote employees, as well as companies who hire employees who will not relocate to company HQ until after their onboarding, Virtual I-9s are a logical outsourcing solution.

Virtual I-9s extends the reach of Human Resource teams who can onboard remote hires rapidly and efficiently. And because TrendSource Virtual I-9s for remote employees are entirely compliant with prevailing regulations, they instill both confidence and convenience.

Virtual I-9s Manage Hiring Volume

virtual i-9s distance and volume

Companies that find themselves in constant hiring cycles must devote untold resources to completing New Hires I-9s, whether they are remote or not. For universities, airports, food service centers, and retailers (just to name a few), the constant hiring cycle prevalent in a high turnover industry can be suffocating.

TrendSource Virtual I-9s

TrendSource Virtual I-9s solve both these problems, connecting New Hires with Virtual Verification Specialists to quickly and easily verify their employment eligibility.

TrendSource built the process from the ground up to ensure New Hire’s comfort and ease, while also maintaining the highest compliance standards.

Learn More About TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications.

Order Virtual I-9 Verifications

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.