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Do You Have to E-Verify All Employees?

At TrendSource, we are the compliance experts, which means that we field a lot of questions about compliance best practices. Whether it is compliance for consumer reporting, compliance for finance, or compliance for employers, we are kinda like the go-to know-it-alls for compliance.

People often ask us a simple question with a complicated answer: Do you have to E-Verify all employees?

Do You Have to Use E-Verify for All Employees?

Each state has different rules regarding when employers must use E-Verify for their employees.

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For example, some states require E-Verify be used for each and every employee. Other states require E-Verify for public employees, meaning people who work for the government. Other states require E-Verify for companies with public contracts, meaning people who work for companies that work on government contracts.

This means that the answer to the question, “Do you have to use E-Verify for all employees” will vary from state to state.

If you are unsure about whether or not you, as an employer, are required to use E-Verify for your employees, you can check the E-Verify website for specific requirements.

Should You Use E-Verify for Every Employee?

Regardless of whether E-Verify is required for your company, E-Verify should not be thought of as merely another compliance layer. Instead, E-Verify is a tool for risk reduction. It is an added layer of security, comfort, and certainty when it comes to risk assessment and management.

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That’s why businesses, whichever state they are based in and whatever the particular E-Verify requirements in that state are, should always consider using E-Verify—it offers greater peace of mind

E-Verify doesn’t just check the compliance boxes for you, it also helps ensure that New Hires are eligible for employment. By using face-matching software and advanced algorithms, E-Verify helps to ensure that the identification documents employees provide are, in fact, genuine. This helps to ensure employment eligibility.

This makes it more difficult for New Hires to use fraudulent documents to verify employment eligibility, protecting their employers from compliance violations.

Risk Tolerance, E-Verify, and TrendSource Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

I-9 Verification E-Verify risk

A lot of this comes down to risk tolerance. Some companies are comfortable with risk, particularly if mitigating it proves costly. Others are happy to pay whatever it costs to avoid risking being caught out of compliance. For those, E-Verify is a natural choice.

Remember, we are compliance experts, but we are not lawyers and certainly are not judges. We help businesses comply with existing laws through best practices and careful documentation, but we do not tell businesses what to do. That’s your legal team’s job.

But, we will just note, TrendSource offers Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify. Employers can rapidly onboard their New Hires with or without E-Verify. Head here to learn more about how it works.

There is no correct answer to the question, “Do you have to Use E-Verify for every employee.” But there are wrong ones.

Order Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.