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How to Complete I-9 for Remote Employees and How to Complete an I-9 Remotely

With the rise of remote employment, employers these days are frequently asking themselves how to complete I-9 for remote employees and how to complete an I-9 remotely.

The answer is simple: employers should outsource, finding a compliance management firm like TrendSource to complete I-9s for remote employees.

TrendSource offers Remote I-9 Verifications across the country, rapidly turning around in-person Verifications for remote employees wherever in the country they reside.

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How to Verify I-9 Documents for Remote Employees

It is difficult for companies to verify I-9 documents for remote employees using traditional means to onboard remote employees. This is because, typically, New Hires bring their I-9 documents to their employer’s human resources team. The human resources team then typically inspects and photocopies the relevant documents and adds them to the completed I-9s they must keep on file for each and every employee.

Of course, this is not possible without great expense for remote employees who would have to come all the way into their company’s office to complete form I-9. Employers would likely cover these cost and this would simply not be feasible.

This is why TrendSource offers Remote I-9 Verifications. They allow employers to onboard New Hires wherever they reside. Let’s see how!

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Can I-9 Verification be Done Remotely?

Yes, I-9 Verifications can be done remotely! Employers are permitted to contract authorized representatives to complete I-9s for remote New Hires.

TrendSource will send a Field Agent that can complete an I-9 in person with the remote employee. You can order Remote I-9 Verifications online through TrendSource’s online ordering platform. Once an employer has registered with TrendSource, they can easily and efficiently order Remote I-9 Verifications for their New Hires, wherever they reside.

TrendSource Remote I-9 Verifications

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TrendSource long ago built the infrastructure and accumulated the expertise to rapidly and accurately turn around Remote I-9 Verifications

Offering complete national coverage, TrendSource ensures that remote employees living anywhere in the US can quickly complete their I-9 remotely. Check out the things we’ve recently written on the topic.

Learn more, and order here.

Order Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.