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Questions about E-Verify Requirements for Employers

Earlier this year, TrendSource started offering E-Verify as an optional addition to any standard I-9 Verification. We understand that certain employers are required to use E-Verify when completing an I-9 for their employees and that other employers decide to use E-Verify for the extra layers of certainty it adds to their compliance efforts.

We also understand that employers have questions about E-Verify, when it is required, how many employers use E-Verify, and how they can use it too.

Below, we will answer several questions about E-Verify. Just remember (as we will repeatedly remind you): it is extremely important that employers check the local requirements in their state when making a decision about using E-Verify.

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Do You Have to E-Verify All Employees? Are Employers Required to Use E-Verify?

Federal laws require that employers complete an I-9 for every employee. But while the federal government requires Form I-9, it does not require E-Verify.

That said, individual states have enacted their own specific requirements about E-Verify. Different states have different regulations, with some requiring it for all employees, others requiring for public and/or publicly contracted employees, and others not at all.

It is important that employers understand the employment eligibility regulations in their state of operation.

It is also important to note that employers can choose to use E-Verify for their employees. Some employers in states where E-Verify is not required nonetheless choose to use it. This is because E-Verify adds additional layers of security and confidence that employers have done their best to ensure their employees are eligible for employment in the United States.

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How Many Employers Use E-Verify?

According to the most recent official statistics, over 967,000 employers currently use E-Verify, with another 1,500 being added each week.

Among the most active states in the last year: Georgia, Florida, California, South Carolina, and Texas.

Some of this is due to specific state requirements, some of it is just due to the sheer size of the state relative to other states when it comes to labor force.

Again, it is important that employers understand the specific employment eligibility requirements in their state.

How Employers Can Use E-Verify

everify i9 verification

TrendSource offers I-9 Verification + E-Verify, allowing clients to decide if they want to add E-Verify to any or all I-9 Verification orders. Employers can add E-Verify to I-9 Verifications to comply with specific state requirements surrounding E-Verify use, or to simply add another layer of compliance and certainty to their employment eligibility verifications.

Employers can choose to add E-Verify to their I-9 Verification orders when checking out using our online ordering platform.

Employers can also order I-9 by reaching out directly to our Verification specialists.

Learn More About Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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